Caterpillar Inc.

Electric and Autonomous Machines Driving Growth in the Mining Equipment Market

The rise in demand for various materials, coupled with the benefits of reducing emissions and increasing productivity, is fueling the adoption of electric and autonomous machines...
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Proper battery and charger integration is necessary for the performance of electric vehicles

Navigating the Complexities of Battery and Charger Integration for Electric Vehicles

Several factors need to be considered to ensure optimized integration of electric vehicle batteries and chargers.
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Metalforming companies are less optimistic about business activity in the coming months

Economic Outlook Dips for Metalformers in May

Business activity for metalformers remained steady in May but expectations for the coming months are lower as economic uncertainty lingers.
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Hydraulic components remain an important technology

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Use of mobile robots of various types will continue to grow

Mobile Robots to Remain Strong Segment of Automation Sector

Continued growth is expected for the mobile robot market in the coming years as manufacturing increases its implementation of automation solutions.
Understanding Types of Electric Motors Available for Electric Vehicles

Understanding the Types of Electric Motors Available for Electric Vehicles

There are four main types of electric motors used in electric vehicles, each of which features specific design characteristics to suit various application requirements.
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Fasteners may need to be redesigned for use in electric vehicles

Push to Electrification Requires a Rethinking of Fastener Technology

The performance requirements of hybrid and electric vehicles require a re-evaluation of conventional fastener designs.
A Demonstration Danfoss Excavator used to Test New Technology Developments

This Week in Power & Motion: Danfoss Hosts Panel on Decarbonization of Construction Industry

Danfoss brought together construction industry leaders to discuss how current technology can be used to decarbonize construction equipment, Motion acquires a developer of electrical...

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