Adding sensors to equipment

Leveraging Sensor Data to Manage Assets

When you can see the temperatures of motors, the speeds of conveyor belts and the vibration levels of bearings and gearboxes, you can predict the future.
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Fundamentals of Fluid Power: Hydraulics

Download our latest ebook for guidance on technologies and design methods for developing hydraulic systems.
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How to Reduce Noise in Hydraulic Systems

Quieter systems not only have a perception of higher quality, but can also improve the health, safety, and productivity of machine operators.
Despite their high power density, hydraulics are challenged by power losses during energy conversion which can make them less efficient.

Understanding When to Use Hydraulics

Use of hydraulics is best determined by considering the requirements of an application as well as several other factors.
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Fundamentals of Fluid Power: Pneumatics

Download our guide highlighting key technologies and design methods for developing efficient and modern pneumatic systems.



Fundamentals of Fluid Power

Download our design guide to aid development of pneumatic, hydraulic and mechatronic systems.
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Integrated Circuits Cut System Size, Complexity, and Cost

By placing most of the valves in a fluidic system within a single manifold tucked away wherever space is available on a machine, an integrated circuit can substantially reduce...
The alcohol production fermentation process has unique level-sensing needs.

Innovative Design of Pneumatic Float Valves Allows Precise Level Control and Lower Cost of Ownership

Level sensing in alcoholic beverage production poses a set of unique challenges.
Piezo-based purge system and portable oxygen equipment.

Piezo-Electric Valves for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

Piezo actuators provide a combination low power, low weight and accuracy.
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A Systems Engineering Approach to AI

Artificial intelligence systems need a holistic view to help unlock their full potential.