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Figure 1: Cell phones are a convenient and popular way for an on-site technician to obtain step-by-step instructions from the remote person and to communicate results. Image courtesy of Motion Industries Inc.

VFDs & Motors: Remotely Troubleshoot Successfully and Safely

Proper preparation can ensure remote troubleshooting of VFDs, motors and other machine components is performed in a safe and optimized manner.
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Improved motion control through use of TSN can enable increased automation of industrial printing machinery.

Advancing Motion Control in Industrial Printing Machines with TSN

Time Sensitive Networking can help achieve seamless synchronization, accuracy and precision of motion control systems, enabling more automation in industrial printing.
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Hydraulics Evolving to be More Precise and Efficient

Russ Schneidewind of HydraForce sees the need to increase efficiency and precision among the key trends driving hydraulic system designs.
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Integrated Control Benefits Electric Actuators

Ewellix’s SmartX digital platform integrates control technology into electric actuators, offering simplified installation and performance benefits.
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Engineer adjusts pressure sensors on industrial refinery plant
Sensors & Software

Common Air Pressure Sensors and Units

There are many ways to measure pressure, as well as different types of pressure. Here’s a look at some of the most common.
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Encoders and Their Applications: Keeping Control

Industries have different uses and requirements for controls and positioning.
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Encoder Types: Making the Right Choices

Understanding the fundamentals is key to a tailor-made solution.
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RHMC's automated solution
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Quickly Filling the Need

An HVAC contractor and AutomationDirect partner to deliver automated machines for COVID-19 sanitizing products.
Controls & Instrumentation

Controlling Two or More Hydraulic Actuators

There are several methods for coordinating the motion of two or more actuators.