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J.R. Merritt Controls
Faceplates with buttons, thumbwheels or rocker switches are among the customizable options on the Merritt Evolve joystick.

J.R. Merritt Controls Debuts Joystick Offering Customization Capabilities

The Merritt Evolve joystick allows customization of faceplates, control outputs and more to meet specific application requirements.
HED Inc.
HED's next generation of sunlight readable displays can be customized to meet information and stylization needs, such as the ability to mount them in landscape or portrait configurations.

HED Releases Next Generation of Sunlight Readable Displays

The newest generation of displays allows easy customization of critical system and machine performance data.
Thanakorn Phanthura
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System Integrators: The Key to Project Success

Companies about to upgrade their hydraulic controls should consider hiring a system integrator to bump up the project’s chances at success.
Encoder photo collage

Encoders and Their Applications: Keeping Control

Industries have different uses and requirements for controls and positioning.
HEIDENHAIN encoder photo collage

Encoder Types: Making the Right Choices

Understanding the fundamentals is key to a tailor-made solution.

Press Leveling and Cushion Control: Combining Force and Motion Control

New and retrofit presses can be improved by using electronic controls that simplify setups and changeovers and make better parts.
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Is It Time to Cut the Cable?

The decision to go wireless for machine communication comes down to how much the benefits outweigh the challenges.
1. The mill’s new canter profiler gang. A profiled cant is just visible between the profiler (left) and the gang saw (center).

Multi-Axis Motion Control Streamlines Sawmill Operation

Today’s sawmills must crank out thousands of board feet day after day and make extensive use of hydraulic actuators to transmit high forces and torque. Almost everything runs ...
In a typical bulk product operation such as seed processing, bottlenecks throughout the plant can occur at the dispensing gates, which are often opened and closed pneumatically or hydraulically.

IIoT-Enabled Pneumatics Improves Packaging Operation

A new flow-control approach combining the inherent advantages of pneumatics with the versatility of IoT technology proved ideal in a seed filling and packaging application.