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linear position sensors and display
Sensors & Software

The Growing Role of Sensors

Use of sensors continues to increase in fluid power and electric motion control systems to aid with data collection, performance and more.
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pneumatic and electric actuator technologies in automation system for chemical production

Choosing the Right Linear Actuator to Boost Automation System Performance

Understanding available electric linear actuator types and their performance characteristics ensures the right option is selected for a given automation system.
ABB Robotics
Robots aiding production of cars

This Week in Power & Motion: ABB Robots to Help Volvo Cars Achieve Sustainability Goals

ABB will supply Volvo Cars with energy efficient robots to aid production of its vehicles, Proportion-Air provides real-world pneumatics knowledge to college students and more...
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visualization of robotic arms working in manufacturing enviroment

What's in Store for Fluid Power and Electronic Motion Control in 2024?

A new year of events, technology launches and more await the fluid power and electronic motion control sector.
proportional electro-pneumatic pressure regulator

Proportion-Air QB3 Pressure Control Valve Benefits High-Flow Applications

The QB3 pressure control valve is a complete electronic pressure regulating package reliably designed for industrial applications.

Streamlining Wire Harness Manufacturing with a 5-axis Robot

The CY1000 robot reduces the manual labor required for production of wire harnesses, helping to address manufacturing and supply chain challenges.
Moog Inc.
Test rig for vehicle suspension systems with digital hydraulic motion control components

Moog Motion Control Technology Aids Creation of High-Performance Test Rig

Use of digital hydraulic solutions enabled a test system to achieve the high forces and speeds necessary for the development of suspensions for extreme applications.

A Slow but Steady Move Toward Electric Actuators

The benefits provided by electric actuators over hydraulic and pneumatic options is increasing their adoption in a range of applications.
The Lee Company
Testing stations at The Lee Company in the 1960s

How 75 Years of Innovation Have Shaped Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Members of the fluid power industry provide their insight on the technological innovations which have occurred in hydraulics and pneumatics as well as those yet to come.