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Advanced Electropneumatic Positioning Achieves Dynamic Force Control

Today’s electropneumatic postioning systems break from convention by offering efficient and reliable position and force control.
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Cylinders & Actuators

Comparing Electric and Fluid-Power Actuators

Why are electric actuators increasingly replacing hydraulic and fluid-power actuators in demanding applications?
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Robot playing a piano
Cylinders & Actuators

Robot Uses Pneumatic RAM to Play Piano

Researchers devise an air-powered computer memory that can control robots.
Hydraulic cylinders
Cylinders & Actuators

Hydraulic Cylinders: Comparing Custom and COTS Offerings

Off-the-shelf cylinders may be “good enough,” but custom ones often offer the best solution.
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Cylinders & Actuators

Selecting Standard-Compliant Pneumatics for Railway Applications

In this article, we’ll discuss some pneumatics rail applications and their corresponding international standards.