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How Telemetry and Wireless Communication are Improving Productivity in Agriculture

How Telemetry and Wireless Communication are Improving Productivity in Agriculture

Marcus Specks of HAWE Hydraulik provides insight on how telemetry systems and wireless communication in modern tractors are increasing the efficiency and productivity of farming...

Full-System Solutions Ease Electric Vehicle Design

The addition of electric motors and controllers to Vanguard's offering enables it to provide full system solutions, easing the transition to electrification for OEMs.
Bosch has begun production of 800V components for electric vehicles.

This Week in Power & Motion: Bosch Begins Production of 800V Components for Electric Vehicles

The Bosch 800V inverter and electric motor will improve efficiency and charging times for electric vehicles, NFPA announces fluid power scholarship winners, and more industry ...
Aidro Hydraulics & 3D Printing (a Desktop Metal company)
Aidro has received certification for its ability to produce hydraulic valves and other fluid power components using metal additive manufacturing technology.

This Week in Power & Motion: Aidro Receives Certification for Metal 3D Printing Capabilities

Aidro has received certification for its binder jetting and laser powder bed fusion metal 3D printing capabilities, Emerson has acquired Afag to expand its electric linear motion...
Nine Volvo electric trucks equipped with Danfoss technology will operate on a designated route between the company's sites in Denmark.

Danfoss Puts Volvo Electric Trucks into 24-Hour Service

A combination of Danfoss Editron technology and customized superchargers will enable continuous service of the Volvo electric trucks.
Danfoss Power Solutions
Danfoss is developing technologies to improve the energy efficiency of excavators and other construction equipment to help reduce emissions.

Decarbonization of Construction Equipment can aid Climate Goals

A new Danfoss whitepaper outlines methods for reducing emissions in cities which includes decarbonization of construction equipment.
The Genix Copilot user interface is designed to help provide users with easier to understand insights on their operations to help with sustainability and productivity improvements.

This Week in Power & Motion: ABB and Microsoft Bringing Generative AI to Industrial Applications

ABB plans to use Generative AI as a way to provide customers with more operational insights, igus has invested in a plastics recycling startup and more industry news you may have...
Volvo Construction Equipment
Adoption of construction equipment, like the Volvo CE ECR25 Electric excavator, is growing due to the many benefits offered by such machines such as lower operating costs.

5 Factors Driving Uptake of Electric Construction Equipment

There are five key factors driving increased adoption of and investment in electric construction equipment.
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Modern technology is benefiting the design and performance of hydraulics in a range of applications.

How Modern Technology Impacts Hydraulic Systems

Incorporation of sensors, software, IoT and other modern technologies is bringing new capabilities and benefits to hydraulic systems.