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Pneumatic control for hydraulic systems can be a cost-effective option

Pneumatic Control for Hydraulic Systems: Benefits and Applications (PDF Download)

Pneumatic control of hydraulic systems can be an effective option for many applications.
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Achieve Better Hydraulic System Maintenance with Oil Condition Monitoring

Real-time oil monitoring improves maintenance of hydraulic systems.
sensors play a key role in digitalization

Sensors: New Technologies and Trends

Learn about the latest sensor technologies and their growing use within fluid power and electric motion control systems.
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Speed Sensors Provide Better Monitoring of Electric Drive Systems (PDF Download)

Learn how the integration of speed sensors into electric motors and drive systems is benefiting performance monitoring.
Fraba Inc.
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Why TMR is Becoming a More Desirable Sensing Technology (PDF Download)

TMR sensors provide a high level of accuracy and a robust design to suit a range of applications.



Fundamentals of Fluid Power

Download our design guide to aid development of pneumatic, hydraulic and mechatronic systems.
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The State of Fluid Power and Electronic Motion Control

Gain insights on factors which may drive future growth in the fluid power and electronic motion control sectors.

2023 Salary & Career Survey Report from Power & Motion

This e-book delves into the trends impacting those in the fluid power as well as broader design and engineering community.

Advancements in Automation

A compendium of technical articles from Power & Motion and Igus Inc.
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Maximize Efficiency and Performance: Cost-effective First Steps to Take Now

Improve extrusion press pump controls quickly and in phases. Digital electronics and user-friendly setup make replacing legacy servo valves with new proportional valves a no-brainer...