Hydraulic cylinder with a typical sealing arrangement

How Buffer Rod Seals Influence Rod Seal Performance

Tests reveal how these two seals interact to affect friction and seal life. But first, a look at buffer seals.

From Deformation to Calibration: Installing O-Ring Energized Piston and Rod Seals

Avoid seal installation issues that lead to leaks and lost productivity.
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Hydraulic Dampers Help Improve Railway Safety and Stability

Technological developments in railway suspension sealing products and materials offer several operational advantages.
Hydraulicspneumatics 5484 Promo Trelleborg Turcon Roto Glyd Ring

Rotary Seal Handles High Speed, Under Pressure

Double-acting Turcon Roto Glyd Ring V seals accommodate high PV (pressure: velocity) value.
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Matching Seals to Dynamic Sealing Applications

Understanding a seal’s function isn’t difficult—it keeps fluids in and contaminants out. Understanding how to get this done most effectively in a specific situation is an entirely...
The new measuring couplings from VOSS Fluid offer a high degree of safety, easy assembly, and durability.

Preventive Maintenance Goes Soft

Voss Fluid's soft sealing of all fluid paths ensures leak-tight performance.

Troubleshooting Challenge: 800-Ton Press Suffers from Severe Stuttering

A press used in the manufacture of aerospace seals began stuttering on its normal downward stroke, but contamination wasn't the culprit. What was it?

Flexible Seal Seat Ensures Bubble-Tight Performance

Kepner’s Flexible Seal Seat design prevents fluid leakage with a seat design that combines metal-to-metal and resilient O-ring seal contact.
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Trelleborg Partners with Anderson Seal, Increases Presence in Midwest

The partnership is expected to support the growth strategy of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, further expanding its delivery and service of seals, gaskets, and custom-molded products...