National Fluid Power Association
Students test designs at NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge

Winners Announced for 2024 NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge

Northern Illinois University and Kennesaw State University were named Overall Champions for their vehicle designs utilizing fluid power technologies.
Improving the Efficiency of Pneumatic Systems

Key Drivers for Pneumatic System Efficiency

Industry expert Jon Jensen shares insights on the technologies and initiatives driving the development of more efficient pneumatic systems.
A Demonstration Danfoss Excavator used to Test New Technology Developments

This Week in Power & Motion: Danfoss Hosts Panel on Decarbonization of Construction Industry

Danfoss brought together construction industry leaders to discuss how current technology can be used to decarbonize construction equipment, Motion acquires a developer of electrical...

Does Your Technology Provide an Edge Over the Competition?

Enter the 2024 EDGE Awards to spotlight the design and engineering innovations taking place within fluid power and electric motion control.
Desktop Metal
Desktop Metal binder jet 3D printers can now safely produce titanium parts

This Week in Power & Motion: Desktop Metal Enables Safe 3D Printing of Titanium and Aluminum Parts

Desktop Metal now offers a Reactive Safety Kit for its P-1 binder jet 3D printer for production of titanium and aluminum parts, Freudenberg makes an acquisition to expand its ...



Technology Advancements for Pneumatic Systems

Download this ebook to learn how technological advancements are aiding the continued use of pneumatics in various applications.
nass magnet
nass magnet Smart Valve Connector uses IO-Link to control and monitor pneumatic valves
Pneumatic Valves

nass magnet Smart Valve Connector Provides Digital Control

The connector enables continuous communication and monitoring with pneumatic valves to enhance performance and maintenance.
Use of pneumatics can benefit a range of applications, particularly those in the industrial space.

Celebrating All Things Pneumatics

National Pneumatics Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the technology developments taking place in pneumatics.
Oil-free air compressors use other methods for lubrication of components
Air Compressors

The Differences Between Oil-Free and Oil-Lubricated Air Compressors

Understanding the performance, cost and maintenance differences between oil-free and oil-lubricated air compressors ensures the right option is chosen for a given application....
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An electro-pneumatic pressure regulator setup

The Benefits of Electro-Pneumatic Control for Pressure Regulators

Electro-pneumatic pressure regulators can monitor and adjust pressure as desired to ensure optimal pneumatic system performance.