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Brennan Acquires Specialty Fitting Manufacturer

Brennan Industries Inc., Cleveland, announced the acquisition of Miric Engineering.
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Fittings & Couplings

How to Protect Hydraulic Swivels from Hostile Environments

Contaminants, including moisture, can cause premature failure of hydraulic swivels—especially seals. Extremely hot or cold temperatures present additional challenges. Fortunately...
This hydraulic circuit contains more than a dozen fittings and flanges, yet it hasn’t leaked a drop of oil. O-ring fittings have brought us a long way in the battle against leakage, but overlooking even the slightest detail can result in an oily mess.
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Your Connection is Only as Good as its O-ring

Hydraulic fittings incorporating O-rings were introduced decades ago to wage war on the battle against leaks. They have lived up to the task, but because O-rings provide such ...
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Fittings & Couplings

Win a Free Thread Identification Tool

Sometimes the hardest part of replacing a broken or worn-out hydraulic fitting is identifying what you have.
Fitting Fixer comes in seven sizes for fittings sized for 3/16- to 1-in. tubing.
Fittings & Couplings

Tool Helps Alleviate Poor Maintenance

A new tool helps to alleviate poor maintenance .