System Design


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Advancements in hydraulic component and system designs will help to ensure they remain a vital part of various machine and vehicle designs.

Assessing Future Design Needs for Hydraulics and Pneumatics

The 2023 NFPA Technology Roadmap outlines the key areas in which the fluid power industry should focus future development initiatives.
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Correctly sizing the battery is an important first step when designing an electric vehicle.

Battery Sizing Key First Step in Electric Vehicle Development

A review of frequently asked questions can help OEMs appropriately size their electric vehicle batteries, an important first step in the design process.
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Within the manufacturing environment, end of production test systems are used to detect flaws and eliminate subjective interpretations of quality. This reduces scrap and ensures that defective parts do not reach the customer.
System Design

Physical Testing is Alive and Well Throughout the Engineering World

The real-world data provided by physical testing remains critical to the design, manufacture, quality and performance of products.
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Use of a parallel hybrid system architecture helped the Logset 12H GTE forest harvester reduce its fuel consumption 20-30%.

The Road to Zero: Utilizing Electrification to Unlock New System Architectures

High-power electric machines are opening new classes of powertrain architectures, necessitating an understanding of each type and the applications for which they are best suited...
Drive System Design
DSD's four-phase approach aims to save time and money during the development process for inverters and electric motors.

Drive System Design Introduces New Method for Electric Motor Development

The new Motor Control Development Method uses a four-phase approach to ensure successful pairing of inverters and electric motors.