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ZF has produced the first 1,000 units of its CeTrax lite electric drive

This Week in Power & Motion: ZF Sees Growing Demand for Electric Drive Technology

Initial volume production for the ZF CeTrax lite electric drive was higher than expected with further growth anticipated, VMAC adds digital controls to its underhood air compressor...
Should You Go with an Oil-Free Compressor?
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The Pros and Cons of Oil-Free Air Compressors

It is important to understand the benefits of using oil-free air compressors, as well as their drawbacks to ensure the right option is selected for a given application.
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The Z370R Electric ZTrak can easily be recharged using an outdoor extension cord and standard outlet.

This Week in Power & Motion: John Deere Adds Zero Turn Mower to Electrification Offering

John Deere has added a second electrified machine to its portfolio, registration opens for the 2023 NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge, Timken makes another acquisition, and more...
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Air Compressors

Pneumatic Basics: Air Compressors

Here’s a look at the various types of air compressors and how they are lubricated.
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Ensure Pneumatic Compressors Reliability with Proper Lubrication

Compressor type, use are key factors in developing effective lubrication strategies.
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The Big Ten Inch broke records launching a pumpkin over a mile in Moab Utah 2010
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Pneumatic Cannon Flies Pumpkins At Record Distances

At the World Champion Pumpkin Chucking Contest, pumpkins fly thousands of feet. Weather permitting, the Big Ten Inch hopes to break its 1-mile record this November.
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Determine the Cost of Compressed Air for Your Plant

These equations can help determine the cost of compressed air, one of the most expensive sources of energy in a plant.
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Monitor Air Quality to Ensure System Efficiency

Any of several tests can be conducted to determine the quality of the compressed air in a system, ranging from occasional tests that examine a collected air sample to using continuous...
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Compressed Air Vehicle Appears on “Shark Tank” TV Show

The AIRpod has been fighting its way to the market for the past couple of decades. Its recent appearance on Shark Tank sparks curiosity about its progress.