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Save Energy by Recycling Air

Redirecting exhaust air back into the circuit of an air cylinder through a 5/3 valve can cut energy cost as much as 30% without sacrificing performance.
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The Big Ten Inch broke records, launching a pumpkin over a mile in Moab, Utah, 2010.

Pneumatic Cannon Flies Pumpkins At Record Distances

At the World Champion Pumpkin Chucking Contest, pumpkins fly thousands of feet. Weather permitting, the Big Ten Inch hopes to break its 1-mile record this November.
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Determine the Cost of Compressed Air for Your Plant

These equations can help determine the cost of compressed air, one of the most expensive sources of energy in a plant.
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Monitor Air Quality to Ensure System Efficiency

Any of several tests can be conducted to determine the quality of the compressed air in a system, ranging from occasional tests that examine a collected air sample to using continuous...
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An air car? No way. A hybrid air car? Maybe.

New hybrid technology for cars combines compressed air with a gasoline engine — sounds like it could be a winning combination.
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Small Compressors Run Quiet

Small Compressors Run Quiet
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Compressed air may be more efficient than you think

Compressed air technology today is more economical than ever. Recent innovations make it possible to save energy and further promote the advantages of safe and reliable pneumatic...
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Piston pump and compressor

Series 319 oil-less, WOB-L piston dc pump and compressor is small and lightweight (5.1 lb/2.3 Kg). Die-cast aluminum components provide strength and durability. It provides up...