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pneumatic and electric actuator technologies in automation system for chemical production

Choosing the Right Linear Actuator to Boost Automation System Performance

Understanding available electric linear actuator types and their performance characteristics ensures the right option is selected for a given automation system.
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Fluid power components on heavy machinery

Getting a Pulse on the Current State of Fluid Power

The hydraulics and pneumatics sector remains optimistic about its future.

A Slow but Steady Move Toward Electric Actuators

The benefits provided by electric actuators over hydraulic and pneumatic options is increasing their adoption in a range of applications.
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Hydraulic cylinders and hoses on heavy machinery

Positive Outlook for Fluid Power Despite Electronics Making Inroads

As more electric options come into play and an economic slowdown is expected, positive sentiments remain for the hydraulics and pneumatics industry.
Rex Bateman, Director of Engineering at SMC Corp.

Pneumatic Designs Evolving to Meet Industry Trends

Automation, sustainability and a desire for increased intelligence are driving an evolution in pneumatic system designs.
Festo collaborated with BEC on an articulated arm robot capable of inserting large coils into the magnets of MRI machines.

Electric Actuators Improve Robotic Assembly of MRI Machines

Use of electric actuators in a robot gripper system provide the precise yet delicate touch required when assembling MRI machines.
SMAC Corp.
The LPL80 electric actuator from SMAC was designed specifically to meet the force needs of liquid filling machines.

SMAC LPL80 Electric Actuators Provide Programmable Speed and Positioning

The LPL80 electric linear actuators are fully programmable to provide the precise force control required in liquid filling machines.
SMAC Corp.
The LPL30 low-profile electric linear moving coil actuator provides the speed, consistency and repeatability necessary for dosing and dispensing applications.

SMAC LPL30 Electric Actuators Provide Precision Required in Dosing Applications

The LPL30 low profile electric linear actuators are designed to provide the speed, consistency and repeatability required in dosing and dispensing applications.

Q&A: Design Considerations for Electrification and Fluid Power

Several factors must be considered, including potential impacts to fluid power systems, when designing for electrification.