New Products


Sensors & Software

POSITAL Wheel-Encoder Assemblies

Wheel-equipped encoders can provide measurement of speed and position directly from a moving surface.
Pneumatic Valves

Clippard AIV Series Air-Piloted Media Isolation Valves

A multi-functional valve stem provides a long service life for the air-piloted media isolation valves.
FluiDyne Fluid Power
Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

FluiDyne FM4 Series Motor

The hydraulic motor features an efficient design which works well for low-speed, high-torque applications.

Curtiss-Wright Exlar Tritex EVA

The Exlar Tritex EVA is certified for use in hazardous locations.
FluidLoop Technologies LLC
Hydraulic Filters

FluidLoop Kidney Loop Filtration System Benefits Smaller Hydraulic Systems

The FL-1000 kidney loop filtration system helps to circulate oil flow within smaller gearbox and hydraulic systems.
Oriental Motors
The EH Series 3-Finger Type electric gripper provides a gentle grip on complex shaped objects.

Oriental Motor Electric Gripper Provides Human-Like Gripping Capabilities

The EH Series 3-Finger Type electric gripper can gently grip irregular shaped objects similar to human fingertips.
The AVENTICS Series AF2 Flow Sensor from Emerson detects air leaks to help reduce compressed air consumption.
Sensors & Software

Emerson AVENTICS Flow Sensors Monitor Air Consumption in Pneumatic Systems

The AVENTICS Series AF2 Flow Sensors can detect leaks and other performance aspects in pneumatic systems to ensure they operate in an efficient manner.
SMAC Corp.
The LPL80 electric actuator from SMAC was designed specifically to meet the force needs of liquid filling machines.

SMAC LPL80 Electric Actuators Provide Programmable Speed and Positioning

The LPL80 electric linear actuators are fully programmable to provide the precise force control required in liquid filling machines.
Danfoss Power Solutions
The SLP13 cartridge valve offers low power consumption and higher flow rates.
Hydraulic Valves

Danfoss SLP13 Solenoid Cartridge Valve Benefits Use in Compact Equipment

The Danfoss Power Solutions SLP13 is a two-way two-position poppet-type solenoid valve which provides low power and low pressure drop for compact equipment applications.