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The AVENTICS Series AF2 Flow Sensor from Emerson detects air leaks to help reduce compressed air consumption.
Sensors & Software

Emerson AVENTICS Flow Sensors Monitor Air Consumption in Pneumatic Systems

The AVENTICS Series AF2 Flow Sensors can detect leaks and other performance aspects in pneumatic systems to ensure they operate in an efficient manner.
SMAC Corp.
The LPL80 electric actuator from SMAC was designed specifically to meet the force needs of liquid filling machines.

SMAC LPL80 Electric Actuators Provide Programmable Speed and Positioning

The LPL80 electric linear actuators are fully programmable to provide the precise force control required in liquid filling machines.
Danfoss Power Solutions
The SLP13 cartridge valve offers low power consumption and higher flow rates.
Hydraulic Valves

Danfoss SLP13 Solenoid Cartridge Valve Benefits Use in Compact Equipment

The Danfoss Power Solutions SLP13 is a two-way two-position poppet-type solenoid valve which provides low power and low pressure drop for compact equipment applications.
The Enerpac RACH cylinder features a lightweight yet durable design which makes it easy to transport from one project to another.

Enerpac RACH and RARH Hydraulic Cylinders Aid Maintenance, Lifting and More

The RACH and RARH Series aluminum hollow plunger cylinders feature a lightweight and portable design to aid with various lifting, tensioning and maintenance projects.
MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.
The AMR134x AMR switch sensor series provide high levels of sensing in pneumatic cylinders.
Sensors & Software

AMR134x Switch Sensors Provide High Levels of Sensing for Pneumatic Cylinders

The AMR1341 and AMR1342 sensors from MultiDimension Technology Co. utilize AMR technology for high levels of pneumatic cylinder position sensing.
Novotechnik U.S.
The Novotechnik TM1 Series magnetostrictive linear hydraulic and pneumatic position sensors feature stroke lengths from 50-2,000 mm.
Sensors & Software

Novotechnik TM1 Sensors Provide Highly Accurate Position Measurements

The TM1 linear position sensors use magnetostrictive technology to ensure a high level of measurement accuracy in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.
The DualVee Robot Transfer Unit provides a complete system solution for robotic transfer applications.

Bishop-Wisecarver DualVee Robot Transfer Unit Utilizes Linear Motion Technology for Smooth Movements

The DualVee RTU-H is a fully assembled unit with linear motion technology to enable smooth and precise transfer of robots.
The IronHorse line of motor controls can be used with AC and DC motors in a range of applications.

AutomationDirect Adds IronHorse Brand of Products for Motor Control

The IronHorse motor control devices include motor protectors, contactors and various accessories for use in a range of applications.
Thomson Industries, Inc.
Thomson offers a family of linear motion systems which are easy-to-integrate and suitable for space-constrained applications.
Linear Actuation

Thomson Offers Customizable Compact Linear Motion Systems for Small Spaces

The Thomson family of compact linear systems allow motion designers to implement complex applications in small spaces.