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The Critical Protection hose cover protects hydraulic hoses in rugged applications.

Parker Critical Protection Hose Cover Offers Protection from External Damage

The CP hose cover uses patent-pending technology to protect hydraulic hoses from being damaged in harsh working environments.
Continental is building a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mexico to help increase production of hydraulic hoses.

This Week in Power & Motion: Continental Building New Hydraulic Hose Factory in Mexico

Continental is building a new hydraulic hose factory to meet increased market demand, REFIRE and Clean Logistics have retrofit a truck for hydrogen fuel cell operation to help...
Hydraulic hoses

The Importance of Hydraulic Hose Size

The adverse effects of replacing a hydraulic hose with the incorrect size.
Hydraulic hoses

Why Do Some Hydraulic Hoses Outperform Others?

Formulation might be the most important factor in hose performance, but it’s not the only one.
Quick disconnects

Back to Basics: Quick Disconnects

Quick disconnect fittings provide a fast and easy way to connect and disconnect fluid lines without using tools, which improves productivity, enhances serviceability, and prevents...
Essentra sleeves and straps extend life of hydraulic hose by keeping them from rubbing against abrasive surfaces and containing hydraulic fluid that may leak from the hose.

Bulletproof (Almost) Hose Assemblies

Hydraulic hose products are tougher than ever.
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Hydraulic Hose and Accessories Suppliers

Hydraulic hose and accessories suppliers
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Best-Practice Installation and Routing Ensure Long Hose Life

MANY factors can affect the life of a hydraulic hose, including site damage, abrasive wear, and prolonged exposure to heat and ultraviolet light. These can all be dealt with, ...
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Making Sense of Hydraulic Hose Standards

Hydraulic hose construction and performance is covered by various national and international standards.