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QuickChat: How to Optimize ePumps for Electric and Hybrid Off-Road Equipment

Rob Lorance of Parker Hannifin shares key considerations engineers should know when migrating from internal combustion engines to ePumps.
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The PC-GO propel solution is comprised of the PC036 safety controller and pre-installed PC-GO propel system software, offering a plug and play option for propel system development.

Danfoss PC-GO Propel Solution Reduces Propel System Development Time

The PC-GO solution includes a safety controller and software with preconfigured parameters for quick and easy development of machine propel systems.
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Digital Displacement Pump Enables Efficiency Gains

The Danfoss Digital Displacement pump is a key part of its Dextreme system for excavators which enables improvements in productivity and efficiency.
Danfoss Power Solutions
The CLM 8 S motor is for machines with chain drives.

Danfoss Thorx Cam Lobe Motors

The Thorx cam lobe motors feature a compact design and 5% higher efficiency to benefit construction equipment with chain drives.
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GFCI-Protected Circuits: Don’t Get Tripped up by VFDs

Understanding the benefits and limitations of VFDs can help prevent tripping of GFCIs, ensuring proper operation and safety.
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Medical device operation

Integrating Medical Devices: Success Starts at Design

Ask the right questions before and after the system arrives at the dock.
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Specifying linear motion

Linear Motion a Lifeline in Medicine

Medical and clean-room applications carry specific design and operational challenges.
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Smart sump pump

Flooded With Information

A new sensor system has been designed to deliver sump pump failure mode warnings.
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Case Drain Issues with Pumps and Motors

When modeling a hydraulic pump or motor, it is important to consider case drain flow to ensure optimized performance.