ACT Expo 2024 // TRC Companies
New electric powered trucks were unveiled at ACT Expo 2024

This Week in Power & Motion: ACT Expo Highlights the Latest in Electrification Technologies

A range of new electric vehicles and the components which help power them were introduced at ACT Expo 2024.
A Demonstration Danfoss Excavator used to Test New Technology Developments

This Week in Power & Motion: Danfoss Hosts Panel on Decarbonization of Construction Industry

Danfoss brought together construction industry leaders to discuss how current technology can be used to decarbonize construction equipment, Motion acquires a developer of electrical...
Desktop Metal
Desktop Metal binder jet 3D printers can now safely produce titanium parts

This Week in Power & Motion: Desktop Metal Enables Safe 3D Printing of Titanium and Aluminum Parts

Desktop Metal now offers a Reactive Safety Kit for its P-1 binder jet 3D printer for production of titanium and aluminum parts, Freudenberg makes an acquisition to expand its ...
Bailey International
Bailey AT Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinders & Actuators

Bailey AT Hydraulic Cylinders can Replace Tie-Rod Cylinders

The AT hydraulic cylinder provides a durable and easy-to-install alternative to tie-rod cylinders.
Epiroc battery-electric mine truck in underground mine

This Week in Power & Motion: Epiroc Creates Fully Electric Trolley System for Underground Mining

Epiroc has partnered with ABB and Boliden to create a fully battery-electric trolley truck system for underground mining, NFPA seeks input on AI initiatives, and more industry...
70-ton roll force load cell hydraulic press can exert a force of 4,000,000 pounds on tested sensors

This Week in Power & Motion: Roll Force Load Cell Hydraulic Press Aids Sensor Testing

An ABB service center has added a roll force load cell hydraulic press for testing sensors used in extreme conditions, NFPA is seeking volunteers for collaborative projects and...
LexxPluss Inc.
LexxPlus autonomous mobile robots will be introduced to the U.S. market

This Week in Power & Motion: LexxPluss Bringing Robotic Solutions to U.S.

LexxPluss is investing in the U.S. robotics market due to growth opportunities it sees in the region, Siemens has acquired the ebm-papst industrial drive business, and more industry...
19386838 © Jingran Hu | Dreamstime.com
Hydraulics are an important component of excavators and other off-highway machines

This Week in Power & Motion: NFPA Seeks Proposals for Advanced Hydraulics Conference

The NFPA is seeking session proposals for its new advanced hydraulics conference, Gates is developing solutions to aid data center cooling and more industry news you may hav missed...
Sensors & Software

POSITAL Wheel-Encoder Assemblies

Wheel-equipped encoders can provide measurement of speed and position directly from a moving surface.