AutomationDirect Nitra devices

The Principles of Pneumatic Air Preparation

Properly designed air preparation delivers clean and regulated compressed air to reliably power pneumatic equipment.
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Expanded Range of ∆P Gauges

1000 Series piston- and diaphragm-type differential pressure gauges have been re-engineered and expanded.
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Electrically Actuated Pneumatic Cylinders Cut Worktable Setup Times

Electrically actuated pneumatic cylinders have reduced setup times and made small-batch production more efficient and profitable by automating a pin table that supports complex...
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Point-of-Use Pressure Regulators Conserve Energy

ToolReg pressure regulators help meet OSHA and other safety agency requirements for 2 bar (30 psig) pressure widely used for compressed-air blow guns.
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Make the Connection

Pneumatic quick-acting couplings provide a fast, convenient way to repeatedly connect and disconnect air lines.

Fundamentals of Vacuum

For a deeper look at vacuum systems, read "Putting vacuum to work," "Squeeze energy savings from pneumatic systems," "Handling vacuum design," and "Designing with vacuum and suction...
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Air receivers

Every compressed air system needs a receiver, but the receiver alone is not always the answer to energy efficiency in the system.
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Fundamentals of airline FRLs

To maximize the effectiveness of airline filters, regulators, and lubricators, you need to know a little more than just the pipe size where it will be installed.

Compressed-Air Dryers

Water in compressed air can damage production machinery, resulting in downtime and spoiled product.