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Designed To Fail?

Hydraulic systems offer an advantage in that components can be mounted with little regard to alignment, and within reason, proximity to other components with which they must connect...
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6 Important Functions of an HST Charge Pump

As a general rule of thumb, charge pump displacement should be at least 10% of the combined displacement of the transmission pump and motor.
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A Great Lie About Hydraulic Pumps

Here are some tips to improve pump performance and life in full hydraulic systems.

How To Prevent a Vortex from Developing at the Pump Inlet

When designing and constructing a hydraulic tank there are a lot of things to consider. One of them is to ensure an air-sucking vortex can not develop at the pump intake line ...
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The 2 Main Types Of Water Removal Filter Elements

Water removal filters are one way of removing water from hydraulic oil. Generally speaking, these filters are best suited to removing small amounts of water. If the oil is contaminated...
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How To Buy Hydraulic Filter Elements - The Right Way

When comparing filter elements, the better filter is the one that will achieve and maintain the required or targeted fluid cleanliness level (at the lowest cost).
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Hydraulic Motor Face-Off: Bent Axis vs Axial Piston

Bent axis and in-line axial piston motors are both high performance designs featuring high efficiency at high operating pressures. But which is best? To answer this question, ...
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How To Make Your Hydraulic Supplier Rich

If you're a hydraulic machine owner, or responsible for the same, one sure way of transferring a scary amount of dinero from your bank account to your hydraulic supplier's is ...
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When NOT To Believe What Anyone Tells You

In 'The Hydraulic Troubleshooting Handbook' I define and explain 12 principles for troubleshooting anything successfully. And I use examples from various fields of endeavor, in...