Hydraulic Filters


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Although most hydraulic power units do not need all the different filters shown here, specifying filters most effective for the application to function as a system minimizes the detrimental effects of contamination.

Understanding Filtration Specifications

Industry standards for comparing one type of hydraulic filter’s performance to another can seem pretty complicated. Here are some details that might make deciphering some of the...
This shows hydraulic filters undergoing a multipass filtration test at Donaldson Co.

What to Expect from New ISO Testing for Cyclic Flow Filtration

ISO standards are kept current by undergoing a review process every five years, and significant and long-overdue changes are in store for the widely used multi-pass test.
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Five Must-Knows for Successful Hydraulic Filter Sizing

Proper filtration is essential to the longevity of hydraulic systems, but selecting the right filter for the job isn’t always a cut-and-dry task.
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Don’t Let Infected Fluids Afflict Your Operations

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications are giving remote control a whole new meaning. Manufacturers are setting the pace now by using their cell phones to make sure...
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Desiccant Breathers Protect from Moisture, Particles

Swift-Dri desiccant breathers protect industrial equipment from moisture and particulate that can be drawn into them as they “breathe” during normal operation.
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Hydraulic Controls for Gimbaling Saturn V Engines

Two fuels will actuate the hydraulic controls that will gimbal the engines of the Saturn V. Propellant fuel will power the system in flight. Ramjet fuel will check out the system...
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Fluid Filtration Protects Mobile Concrete Mixer’s Hydraulic Control System

High-pressure filters protect the sensitive electrohydraulic components in a mobile concrete mixer that delivers complex concrete compositions fresh to the job site.
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Positive Pump Protection

Keeping fluid clean by controlling contamination is essential for ensuring long life of all components in any hydraulic system. And because the pump is the most critical component...