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Thermal Analysis of a Garbage Truck’s Hydraulics

What happens when a hydraulic system operates with fluid temperature that exceeds the normally recommended maximum of 180° F? A model was developed to study thermodynamic behavior...
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WasteExpo Unveils Latest Waste-Removal Trends

Exhibitors and industry experts will discuss evolving green technology to improve overall efficiency.
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Ohio Town Welcomes First Hydraulic Hybrid Garbage Trucks

Leadership of Oberlin, Ohio seizes opportunity from disaster
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New Gear Pump Design Keeps Compactor Quiet

Noise protection means higher quality of life, because noise is acoustic waste. In spite of EU directives for noise limits, there is still a great need to act in industry. One...
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Bio-based Fluids Help Keep the Emerald Coast Green

Today’s “bio-friendly” hydraulic fluids have succeeded in debunking the myth that “green” products fail to work effectively for waste management fleet vehicles. Bio-friendly ...
Upgrading to Eaton’s Power-on-Demand hydraulic system has made the McNeilus ZR series the fastest side loader in the industry. (Click on image for larger view.)

Hydraulic System Makes Refuse Truck Quick, Quiet, and Efficient

Power-On-Demand hydraulic system helps make the McNeilus ZR Series the fastest side-load refuse truck in the waste reduction industry and with a 15% fuel savings to boot.
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Advanced hydraulics help the world’s refuse collection fleet go green (web exclusive)

One of the best ways for the refuse collection industry to achieve its “green” goals is to improve the efficiency of its existing fleet of trucks. ...
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Tough pump serves tough applications

Hydraulic piston pumps and motors reduce design cost and increase productivity in shredders and waste reducers.
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It’s bigger in Texas

WasteExpo and the Fluid Power Conference & Expo head south to Dallas for the largest waste reduction event on the continent.