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Danfoss Launches New Hydraulic, Electrification and Autonomy Solutions

Nov. 15, 2023
At Agritechnica 2023, Danfoss introduced several new hydraulic components as well as autonomy and electrification solutions for the agricultural equipment market.

Danfoss Power Solutions showcased a range of hydraulic components as well as solutions for autonomy and electrification during Agritechnica 2023 – one of the largest international events for the agriculture industry. 

The company exhibited its range of hydraulic, electric and fluid conveyance components for use in agricultural equipment. It also featured its complete autonomy offering including its Autonomous Custom Engineering Services (ACES). 

Per Danfoss, the ACES team supports machine development from concept to production, helping bring autonomous and semi-autonomous machinery to market quickly and easily. Development of autonomous systems and machines is increasing in agriculture to help overcome the labor challenges facing this industry. 

In addition, the company also introduced several new products to help improve the productivity and efficiency of agricultural equipment. 

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H1F Hydraulic Motor Provides Efficiency Gains

The newly launched H1F fixed displacement bent axis hydraulic motor is designed for open- and closed-circuit applications in agriculture, construction and forestry machinery. 

Danfoss states its H1F motor offers overall efficiency of up to 95%. Its efficient design helps to provide fuel savings, reduce heat generation and improve productivity, which helps lead to overall machine efficiency. In addition, it offers high pressure and speed ratings, leading to enhanced machine performance which can further benefit efficiency.

Featuring the same nine-piston rotating group and optimized single-piece flange as the existing H1B variable displacement bent axis motor, the H1F offers a long-lasting lifespan. The motor is lightweight and compact in design while still offering the power density required of various off-highway equipment.

Its short length and 32-degree angle help to create a compact package which is easy to install and reduces space the overall space claim of the hydraulics system, an increasingly important aspect in mobile machine applications. 

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The H1F motor is well suited for fan drives, feeder drives, drill drives, track drives, winches as well as vibration and shaking functions. It will be available in SAE, DIN and cartridge flange styles with twin, side and axial port configurations. 

Optional features include integrated loop flushing and speed sensing. The motor is currently available in an 80 cc frame size with additional sizes from 60-250 cc coming in the future. 

Liquid Cooling Hoses for Electric Vehicles

During Agritechnica 2023, Danfoss also introduced two hoses for liquid cooling applications such as electric vehicles and data centers. The Boston by Danfoss Emperor EHW094 TPU hose and Royal EHW194 EPDM hose are designed to provide reliable and leak-free fluid conveyance. 

Per Danfoss, liquid cooling has emerged as the more energy- and cost-efficient option for cooling than air systems. As the number of electric powered machines continues to grow, technology like this will help to ensure these vehicles perform as desired. The company also notes that liquid cooling can improve efficiency which can benefit the machine design.

Both hoses are designed to meet the highest level flame rating available (UL 94 V-0). They both provide high flexibility with torsional strain as well as kink resistance to simplify routing, even in tight spaces.

The Emperor EHW094 is non-conductive at 25,000+ volts dielectric strength and is constructed from thermoplastic polyurethane. The Royal EHW194 features a synthetic EPDM rubber construction with fire retardant cover.

Each hose is available in six sizes and a range of colors.

Editron Launches Two New Electrification Products

The Editron division of Danfoss which focuses on electrification solutions introduced two new products at Agritechnica 2023 – the ED3 onboard charger and the LCL1200/1700 electric filter.

Editron's ED3 onboard charger with electric power take-off functionality was originally only available to Volvo Trucks. Now that the exclusivity period for that product has ended, the company is bringing the charger to the open market.

The ED3 is designed to provide fast, easy access to charging power states Danfoss in its press release announcing the launch of the new electrification products. It provides 43 kW of charging power which will help heavy-duty electric vehicles charge overnight using readily available AC power outlets.

With the charger's AC and DC electric power take-off, DC power is pulled directly from the electric vehicle's main high-voltage battery to suppoert up to 44 kW of power. Power drawn from the battery can also be converted to AC in a single- or three-phase electrical supply to deliver up to 43.6 kilovolt-amperes. These capabilities enable the charger to provide electric power take-off for most auxiliary functions.

Prototypes will likely be available in 2024 and serial production will begin shortly after.

The LCL1200/1700 electric filter from Danfoss' Editron division was designed specifically for off-highway equipment applications. It accompanies the previously introduced EC-C1700 electric converter and aids with the conversion of energy from AC to DC grid or as a grid filter in generator applications. When combined with the electric converter, the filter helps provide a compact solution for grid connection. 

This new filter helps to expand the line of filters and coverters available from Danfoss Editron; the line now includes 500V AC and 690V AC variants. Electric and communication interfaces are included on the filter to help aid integration into various types of machinery.

Expanded Range of Tractor Valves

At Agritechnica, Danfoss announced the expansion of its tractor valve line which now includes additional electrohydraulic module sizes and new mechanical modules. This enables the company's valves to be used on a wider range of tractor models. 

New to the line are zero-leak electrohydraulic PVBZ 16, 40, and 48 modules which enables the valve to cover flow rates of up to 170 lpm (44.9 gpm). According to Danfoss, the new sizes allow customers to more accurately tailor the flow rate for each service. Because the PVBZ modules are based on the company's PVG 32 proporational valve platform, there is no need for interface plates and various configurations are possible to suit customers' specific requirements. The valves are also compatible with PVE electrohydraulic actuators.

Zero-leak mechanical MVBZ modules have been added to the lineup as well for thos applications requiring mechanical actuation. These modules can be combined with the PVBZ modules to expand the capabilities possible. The mechanical modules can also be used on base-model tractors. 

The Danfoss tractor valve has been in use for over 20 years and is designed to provide control for both front and rear implements as well as front loaders. Based on the company's PVG 32 valve, it offers various components and features which meet the specific requirements of agricultural equipment. Various valve modules are included in the tractor valve line including inlets, working modules for auxiliary functions, hitch modules, top-mounted modules and endplates, all of which helps OEM customers customize a solution for their specific needs. 

A+ Software Aims to Accelerate Autonomous Vehicle Development

Danfoss also launched its A+ software for in-house engineering teams at OEMs and distributors during Agritechnica. The software is designed to help reduce development time and costs for autonomous machinery. 

A+ software contains preprogrammed and pretested software blocks built into Danfoss’ XM100 autonomous controller hardware. Each block contains the necessary algorithms for autonomous operation such as perception, positioning and navigation. Users can add autonomous functionality to their machines by integrating the desired software blocks into their application, eliminating the need to develop their own software which can be difficult and time consuming. 

Two tiers of the A+ software are available – A+ Essentials and A+ Advanced. A+ Essentials includes a PLUS+1 professional license and provides users with the basic software tools and blocks necessary to start the development of autonomous machines. A+ Advanced is a paid option with advanced software blocks and access to future features and updates. 

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EverCool EC005 Air Conditioning Hose Benefits Heavy Machinery

Danfoss has introduced the next generation of air conditioning hoses for liquid lines which can be utilized in agricultural and other heavy equipment applications. The EverCool EC005 Type G A/C hose is designed to help simplify installation while also providing weight savings and a long service life.

The hose is fully thermoformable, even over long lengths, which Danfoss says eliminates the need for compound hose/metal tube combinations. Thermoformable hose assemblies minimize connection points which leads to fewer potental leak paths. This design also helps to simplify installation, particularly in crowded engine compartments. 

Utilizing the same dual-extruded polyamide inner tube as Danfoss' GH001 Type E Hose, the EC005 will provide reliable performance for years. Inclusion of the inner tube and double O-ring flat crimp fittings ensure extremely low permeation. 

A thermoplastic cover on the hose aids plastic formability as well as provides higher abrasion resistance, improved corrosion resistance and weight reduction. The EC005 hose is also non-conductive and can be used with all common refrigerants and oils. It is ideally suited for liquid phases of the refrigerant cycle. 

The hose meets or exceeds SAE International standards, including SAE J3062, J2064, and J3143. It is available in nominal diameters of 8 and 10 mm and features a maximum operating pressure of 35 bar (500 psi) and temperature range of -30 to 125°C (-22 to 257°F).

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