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Novotechnik U.S.
The Novotechnik TM1 Series magnetostrictive linear hydraulic and pneumatic position sensors feature stroke lengths from 50-2,000 mm.
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Novotechnik TM1 Sensors Provide Highly Accurate Position Measurements

The TM1 linear position sensors use magnetostrictive technology to ensure a high level of measurement accuracy in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.
SICK DAX linear encoders provide position monitoring for industrial applications.
Sensors & Software

SICK DAX Linear Encoder Provides Position Measurements for Industrial Applications

The DAX linear encoder product family provides high-precision detection of the piston positions in hydraulic cylinders and linear movements in industrial machines.
The Norrhydro NorrDigi uses digital control to improve performance of hydraulic cylinders.

Norrhydro Improves Hydraulic System Efficiency Through Digital Control

The NorrDigi hydraulic system uses digital control to improve the speed, force and efficiency of hydraulic cylinders.
Hydraulic-pneumatic linear actuator

Sorting Out Linear Actuators

A concise look at the characteristics and quirks of three common types of actuators: hydraulic, pneumatic and electric.
Calendering machine and screenshot collage
Cylinders & Actuators

Advanced Hydraulics and Controls Make Calendering More Precise and Efficient

The precision and stability of the hydraulics and controls make them a more accurate and reliable way to handle calendering.