Hydraulic Valves

Troubleshooting Challenge: Fix One Problem, Another Crops Up

After reprogramming the PLC and replacing the accumulator bladder, a sand mold squeezing press still had the problem of the squeeze feet cylinders not extending.
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Maintenance-Free Accumulators Flying High

Cessna's Citation Longitude aircraft is the first to incorporate all-metal bellows accumulators in the hydraulic system, virtually eliminating accumulator maintenance issues...
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Hydraulic Valves

Troubleshooting Challenge: Hydraulic System Overheats in Aluminum Recycling Plant

An aluminum recycling and smelting plant replaced the pilot valve on its hydraulic feeder unit, and the system began experiencing heat build-up and slow cylinder operation.
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Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Troubleshooting Challenge: Accumulator Pre-Charge Changing

A mushroom farmer needed to solve the problem of their lift slowing down, and tried different methods to address possible issues with the HPU.
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Large Bladder Accumulators Reduce Pipeline Complexity

Fluid Energy Controls now offers bladder accumulators in sizes up to 45 gallons, enabling the use of fewer accumulators as compared to smaller 10, 11, or 15 gallon sizes. Large...
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Hydraulic-Electric Analogies: Capacitors and Accumulators, Part 3

Volume is the most important parameter for the accumulator, followed by maximum operating pressure.
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Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Ohio Town Welcomes First Hydraulic Hybrid Garbage Trucks

Leadership of Oberlin, Ohio seizes opportunity from disaster
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Hydraulic-Electric Analogies: Capacitors and Accumulators, Part 2

Developing an understanding of hydraulic capacitance helps eliminate pesky parasitic capacitances, and facilitates the overall application of circuit theorems in hydraulic design...