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Bosch Rexroth
The addition of higher pressures has expanded the applications in which the Hägglunds Atom hydraulic motor can be utilized.
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Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Solutions Meet Heavy-Duty Requirements of Marine and Offshore Applications

The company's axial piston pump with electrohydraulic control and Hägglunds Atom hydraulic motor provide efficiency, durability and power beneficial to marine and offshore applications...
The Jetfoil can travel comfortably at speeds to nearly 50 knots in moderate waves thanks, in part to servohydraulics.
Marine & Offshore

Digital Electrohydraulics Helps Calm the Seas

Electrohydraulics technology smooths high-speed water travel.
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Marine & Offshore

Marine & Offshore Big on Stainless

Although aluminum and ductile iron have long been the materials of choice for hydraulic manifolds, stainless steel is often the best choice.
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Pneumatic Valves

Robot-Like Cleaner Uses Pneumatics to Scale Large Surfaces

Designing a remote-controlled, pneumatic cleaner that can travel upside down as well as along the sides of huge ships takes rethinking design parameters and the right components...
Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Troubleshooting Challenge: Drill Rig’s Top Drive Drops Uncontrollably

When a drill-rig operator started the unit and commanded the top drive head to be lowered, it dropped uncontrollably, damaging the drill bit or buckling the drill string.
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Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Reader Offers Advice to Prevent Spline Wear

To solve the problem of the shaft prematurely wearing out in a dredge's vane pump, Loctite was applied to the small pump shaft and two internal splines.
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Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic Ballast Control Keeps Ships Fit for High Seas

The Marex Valve Control System's pneumatic actuators can be mounted in the ballast tanks and adjusted with no need for electricity, thus offering a lower-cost control approach...
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Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Hydraulics Serves Aussie Navy

Fluidmecanica designed and built the ventilation system for the engine room of four military landing craft for the Royal Navy of Australia.
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Hydraulic Valves

Troubleshooting Challenge: Cargo Ship Pressure Buildup Problem

What circuit issue caused a cargo ship's hydraulic power unit (HPU) to delay opening and closing hatch doors when pressing the solenoid button?