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How Industry 4.0 Can Enhance Extrusion Press Performance

By leveraging Industry 4.0 solutions and increasing hydraulic system connectivity, manufacturers can improve performance of their extrusion presses.
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How Switching Crimpers Can Save Your Operations Time and Money

A close collaboration between customer and supplier enabled significant savings when converting to a new crimper and hose brand.
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Whitepaper: Think You’re Ready to Start Using Hydrogen as Your Fuel Source?

Hydrogen presents a set of challenges and manufacturers need to think carefully about necessary design changes to meet the added demands of hydrogen. Read about the main factors...
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Sensors Benefit Automation of Construction Equipment

POSITAL’s Christian Fell overviews how sensors can be used to automate construction equipment.
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QuickChat: How to Optimize ePumps for Electric and Hybrid Off-Road Equipment

Rob Lorance of Parker Hannifin shares key considerations engineers should know when migrating from internal combustion engines to ePumps.
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Innovative Pneumatic Float Valve Design Allows Precise Level Control, Lower Operating Costs

Level control in alcohol distilling and fermenting processes offers a unique set of challenges. Learn how an innovative Pneumatic Float Valve design solves these issues, while...
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Use Information to Protect Your Motors

Don't overlook motor protection—and its by-product, safety—when it comes to electric motors.
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Case Study: Decarbonizing Tree Shakers

The California Energy Commission asked Terzo Power Systems to develop a tree shaker with a compressed natural gas engine, electric motor and 20-kWh battery pack. The resulting...
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Case Study: Partnering to Deliver Compact Equipment Solutions

A new partnership will provide compact equipment OEMs the plug and play tools needed to meet demand for zero emission products. California set off the race to zero by setting ...