FluidLoop Kidney Loop Filtration System Benefits Smaller Hydraulic Systems

Jan. 30, 2024
The FL-1000 kidney loop filtration system helps to circulate oil flow within smaller gearbox and hydraulic systems.

FluidLoop Technologies LLC (FluidLoop) has announced the commercial introduction of its FL-1000 kidney loop filtration system. It is designed to be a low-cost filtration system for small gearbox and hydraulic systems. 

The FL-1000 suits fluid systems with a holding capacity of 1-50 gal. and higher flow versions are available for hydraulic reservoirs up to 100 gal.

Featuring a patent-pending design, the system is equipped with a specialized miniature DC powered variable speed pump/motor combination which draws a fraction of the horsepower that other systems do. With this variable speed pump, the FL-1000 can be easily adjusted for use with different viscosity fluids and different tank sizes.

The system is capable of circulating oil at a flow rate of 0.05-0.45 gpm. Equipping it with a larger pump option enables flows up to 1 gpm for use with higher capacity hydraulic reservoirs.

Kidney loop filtration systems help to keep hydraulic components and systems running smoothly by removing particles and/or water. They typically do so by drawing off small amounts of working fluids and circulating them through a filter. Commonly used with larger systems, FluidLoop sees this filtration technology benefiting smaller systems as well, which is why it developed the FL-1000. 

FluidLoop says the system can benefit a range of applications including industrial machinery, heavy mobile equipment such as agricultural and mining machines, wind turbine gearboxes and many others.

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