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We’re Not As Dumb As We Look

A recent article discussed the potential dangers of retrofitting existing hardware with today’s software in an effort to make “dumb” components smart.
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Controls & Instrumentation

A Changing of the Author

Peter Nachtwey takes the reigns of our Motion Control column.
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Interesting Feedback from Our Salary Survey

This year’s Annual Salary Survey generated plenty of feedback.

Are 80% of Hydraulic Failures Really Caused by Contamination?

Supposedly, roughly 80% of all hydraulic equipment failures are caused by contamination. But is this really true?
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Could an IoT App Eliminate Leaks?

For all of the high expectations surrounding the IIoT, its ability to solve one of fluid power's oldest problems is questionable.
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Hydraulic Fluids

The Tough Life of Hydraulic Fluid

Does "flow make it go"? To answer the question, think of yourself as a molecule of hydraulic fluids being chased by other molecules.

Use an Infrared Heat Dectector to Assess Health of Hydraulic Systems

If your hydraulic system is running a fever, it’s probably trying to tell you something is wrong. Here’s how to interpret what it’s saying.
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Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Double-Indemnity Insurance for Your Pump

Perhaps a compromise can be reached when it comes to the argument of whether or not to use a suction strainer—incorporate a bypass.
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Fewer Hydraulic Connections Means Fewer Problems

Starting with a problem of excessive oil leakage, a large automotive engine plant is systematically "revitalizing" its hydraulically actuated production machine circuits to "outlaw...