Hydraulic Seals


The Lee Company
Adjusting the programming of Promess' Electro-Mechanical Assembly Press (EMAP) helped to mitigate manufacturing issues.
Hydraulic Seals

Case Study: Proper Seal Choice and Press Programming Mitigate Yield Issues and Scrap Waste

Collaboration between The Lee Company and Promess enabled a transmission manufacturer to eliminate hydraulic fluid leaks and manufacturing issues.
The Hallite 730 double-acting piston seal features a four part assembly.
Hydraulic Seals

Hallite 730 Double-Acting Piston Seal Benefits Heavy-Duty Applications

The 730 piston seal is compatible with hydraulic oils and water-based fluids, enabling use in various applications.
Hallite evaluated the Type 605 asymmetrical twin-lipped u-cup seal to determine how various environmental factors can impact friction and thus seal performance.
Hydraulic Seals

Managing Friction to Optimize Hydraulic Cylinder Performance

By reducing friction in hydraulic cylinder seals, system and overall machine efficiency gains can be achieved.
Nikola Corp.
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