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  • January/February 2024
  • January/February 2024

    Festo Corp.
    pneumatic gripper

    Festo DHPL Long-Stroke Gripper Provides High Load and Torque Design

    Jan. 23, 2024
    The DHPL long-stroke pneumatic gripper is designed to provide high load and torque grip for a range of applications.
    mechanical hydraulic tester

    Webtec RFIK270 Hydraulic Tester Provides Increased Flow Capacity

    Jan. 9, 2024
    The RFIK270 features an increased flow capacity of 270 lpm to aid testing of a wide range of hydraulic components.
    battery-electric construction machine

    Purpose-Built Design Benefits Electric Construction Equipment

    Jan. 8, 2024
    Building machines from the ground up enabled one heavy equipment manufacturer to ensure optimized designs for both electrification and market requirements.
    252726272 © Sompong Sriphet | Dreamstime.com
    visualization of robotic arms working in manufacturing enviroment

    What's in Store for Fluid Power and Electronic Motion Control in 2024?

    Jan. 3, 2024
    A new year of events, technology launches and more await the fluid power and electronic motion control sector.
    proportional electro-pneumatic pressure regulator

    Proportion-Air QB3 Pressure Control Valve Benefits High-Flow Applications

    Jan. 2, 2024
    The QB3 pressure control valve is a complete electronic pressure regulating package reliably designed for industrial applications.

    More content from January/February 2024

    174844895 © Igor Borisenko | Dreamstime.com
    visualization of IoT and connectivity of heavy machinery
    Sensors & Software

    Elevāt Partners with Microsoft to Enhance IoT Deployment in Off-Highway Machines

    Dec. 19, 2023
    Integration of the companies’ technologies will enable deployment of IoT solutions on the edge of a network, improving design time, connectivity and data processing capabilities...
    ZF Friedrichshafen AG
    A brake-by-wire system sends electric signals to control braking

    Why Steering and Drive Systems are Transitioning to By-Wire Technology

    Dec. 18, 2023
    The potential to improve design and vehicle performance is leading to a shift from hydraulic to electric options for steering and drive systems.
    93728849 © Oleg Doroshin | Dreamstime.com
    hydraulic hoses on heavy machinery

    2024 Recession Presents Fluid Power Industry Opportunities for Investment

    Dec. 12, 2023
    With a mild recession predicted for 2024, fluid power manufacturers should use this time to invest in their business and prepare for the rebound coming in the second half of the...
    Proterra Inc.
    Proterra battery packs

    Volvo and Komatsu Acquiring Battery Suppliers to Aid Electrification Efforts

    Nov. 20, 2023
    The OEMs are acquiring battery manufacturers to advance development of battery-electric construction, mining and other heavy-duty vehicles.
    129805501 © Wrightstudio | Dreamstime.com
    Visualization of artificial intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence

    How Artificial Intelligence Benefits Manufacturing

    Oct. 30, 2023
    Artificial Intelligence can help improve efficiency, enhance quality, and bolster productivity in manufacturing operations.
    Use of Rota linear position sensors for hydraulic cylinders in a Vermeer pile driver enables better accuracy during solar field installations by ensuring piles are driven at the precise angle desired.
    Sensors & Software

    Hydraulic Cylinder Sensors Aid Pile Driver Accuracy

    Sept. 26, 2023
    Use of linear position sensors in the hydraulic cylinders of a pile driver ensure accurate placement of piles for solar field installations.
    SMAC Corp.
    The LPL80 electric actuator from SMAC was designed specifically to meet the force needs of liquid filling machines.

    SMAC LPL80 Electric Actuators Provide Programmable Speed and Positioning

    Aug. 22, 2023
    The LPL80 electric linear actuators are fully programmable to provide the precise force control required in liquid filling machines.
    Thomson Industries, Inc.
    Thomson offers a family of linear motion systems which are easy-to-integrate and suitable for space-constrained applications.
    Linear Actuation

    Thomson Offers Customizable Compact Linear Motion Systems for Small Spaces

    June 12, 2023
    The Thomson family of compact linear systems allow motion designers to implement complex applications in small spaces.