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Technical Services (UK) Ltd
Technical Services is now a key supplier for the Shell E-Thermal Fluid E5 M which helps to ensure proper thermal management for batteries and other electric vehicle components.

This Week in Power & Motion: Technical Services Supplying Shell Thermal Fluid for Electric Vehicles

Technical Services has become a key supplier of the Shell Thermal Fluid for batteries and other electric vehicle components, Poclain Hydraulics recognized for supplier excellence...
Bosch Rexroth
Mechatronics, linear motion, transport and robotics from Bosch Rexroth were on display at Automate 2023.

This Week in Power & Motion: Automation on Display at Automate 2023

Various companies highlighted their motion control solutions, sensors and software for use with robots and other automation applications.
S. Jensen
Robots of all sizes and types were on display at Automate 2023.

Automate 2023 Demonstrates Excitement, Need for Industry Education on Automation

This year's Automate was full of excitement about the ongoing growth of automation technologies but also demonstrated the need for more education on how to deploy these solutions...
Hydraulics and pneumatics are forecast to weather the current recession better than other sectors.

A “Good” Recession for Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Although the economy is in a mild recession, the fluid power industry and most of its customer markets are forecast to be minimally impacted.
The Norrhydro NorrDigi uses digital control to improve performance of hydraulic cylinders.

Norrhydro Improves Hydraulic System Efficiency Through Digital Control

The NorrDigi hydraulic system uses digital control to improve the speed, force and efficiency of hydraulic cylinders.
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Wireless Control Revamps Truck-Scale Loading Equipment

Tiffin Loader Crane integrates a wireless motion-control system into its mobile loading equipment for truck- and rail-weighing scales. Combined with proportional electro-hydraulics...
Cylinders & Actuators

Troubleshooting Challenge: Mill Removal Circuit Doesn’t Move for Large Rolls

Technicians tried to solve why the cylinder of a temper mill's roll-removal system was struggling with heavier rolls.
Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

A Variable-Speed Revolution in Hydraulics

To optimize efficiency in today’s electrified hydraulic systems, designers must make decisions based on a strong understanding of the VFD, system parameters, and the actual process...
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Hydraulics Essential to Mobile Forklift

More and more forklift trucks are moving from the conventional 4-wheel type to a truck-mounted, all-terrain forklift.