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Komatsu Forest
Komatsu Forest has established a new design department focused on the electrification of forestry machinery.

This Week in Power & Motion: Komatsu to Electrify Forestry Machines

Komatsu Forest has created a new department dedicated to development of electric forestry equipment, Emerson acquires electric linear motion company to expand factory automation...
Andrew Dlugokecki
The Cyclone Hydraulic Reservoir provides a more compact option for a variety of mobile and stationary machine applications.
Reservoirs & Accessories

A New Approach to Hydraulic Reservoir Designs

The Cyclone Hydraulic Reservoir reduces space claim and hydraulic oil use, benefiting machine designs and customer costs.
The latest generation ELEO battery includes an advanced battery management system.

The Current State of Battery Technology

Continued research and development into battery technology is expanding the market opportunities for electrification.
The Norrhydro NorrDigi uses digital control to improve performance of hydraulic cylinders.

Norrhydro Improves Hydraulic System Efficiency Through Digital Control

The NorrDigi hydraulic system uses digital control to improve the speed, force and efficiency of hydraulic cylinders.
Danfoss Power Solutions
The PC-GO propel solution is comprised of the PC036 safety controller and pre-installed PC-GO propel system software, offering a plug and play option for propel system development.
Sensors & Software

Danfoss PC-GO Propel Solution Reduces Propel System Development Time

The PC-GO solution includes a safety controller and software with preconfigured parameters for quick and easy development of machine propel systems.
Danfoss Power Solutions
Use of a parallel hybrid system architecture helped the Logset 12H GTE forest harvester reduce its fuel consumption 20-30%.

The Road to Zero: Utilizing Electrification to Unlock New System Architectures

High-power electric machines are opening new classes of powertrain architectures, necessitating an understanding of each type and the applications for which they are best suited...
Ambarella Inc.
Image For Press 2022 12 06 Embargo Ambarella Centralized Radar Architecture[4]

Centralized Radar Architecture Improves Perception Capabilities

Ambarella's centralized 4D imaging radar architecture enhances perception to help improve safety of autonomous vehicles.
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Forestry & Lumber

Tree Processor Comes Full Circle with Hydraulic Swivels

Southstar and United Equipment Accessories developed an electrical slip ring/hydraulic swivel combination assembly that creates a 360° rotating head for a multi-tree processor...
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Cylinders & Actuators

Troubleshooting Challenge: Lumberyard Stacker Cylinder Drops

A lumber company had an older yard stacker machine that they wanted to put back into service. The problem: The boom lift cylinder would drop when the operator also rotated the...