Moog Electrification Systems Nominated for Innovation Award

Feb. 5, 2024
The ZQuip and TerraTech systems which enable creation of electric-powered construction equipment are nominated for 2024 INTERMAT Innovation Awards.

Two technologies from Moog Construction, part of Moog Inc., have been nominated for 2024 INTERMAT Innovation Awards — ZQuip and TerraTech. 

The awards honor new technologies for the construction sector and are given out on the first day of INTERMAT, an international construction industry event held once every 3 years. Both Moog technologies are nominated under the awards' Low Carbon & Energy Transition category.

ZQuip is both a subsidiary of Moog Construction focused on the company's electrification solutions and the name of its plug-and-play platform for converting diesel-powered construction equipment to electric. The platform includes all necessary components for converting machines in a kit that can be adapted to any size or type of machine from numerous OEMs.

The ZQuip energy kit includes: 

  • 70- and 140-kWh Energy Modules, which are interchangeable across all machines,
  • a conversion kit consisting of a battery harness, electric motor, and AI (artificial intelligence) thermal management, and
  • IoT (Internet of Things) and connectivity to monitor a fleet’s activities and battery-life while eliminating range anxiety and ensuring the highest level of uptime.

By offering a conversion kit like ZQuip, construction fleets can more quickly and easily realize the benefits of electrification — such as reduced noise and maintence in addition to lower emissions — while continuing to use the machines with which they are familiar.

“The innovation with ZQuip is this: To enable customers to have a zero-emissions work site, we are creating fleets of zero-emissions machines that make the most sense from the perspective of productivity and cost,” said Chris LaFleur, managing director for ZQuip.

TerraTech, on the other hand, is a full ecosystem of components for OEMs looking to develop electric-powered machines. It provides equipment manufacturers with a fully integrated system they can easily integrate into their machine designs, helping to speed up the development process. 

The TerraTech ecosystem includes: 

  • an Electric Motion Control Module featuring CAN and Ethernet, a high-voltage DC Bus, and liquid cooling connections;
  • single- and dual-axis servo drives with functional safety and brake controls to operate a machine’s motors;
  • electric cylinders with peak forces of more than 130kN to match the demands needed for work functions;
  • electric traction motors with torque ranges up to 13,000 Nm;
  • motion control software to convert a vehicle into a mobile robot, enabling precise velocity and position control as well as speed limits and automation features;
  • power management software for enabling high-voltage systems and efficiently managing power from the OEM’s batteries and charging systems; and
  • optional digital and IoT connectivity for over-the-air software updates and linking a machine to its work, the job site, and beyond.

Look through our media gallery above to view pictures of and learn more about the ZQuip and TerraTech technologies.

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