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Moog ZQuip electrification system for construction equipment nominated for Intermat Innovation Award

Intermat Innovation Awards: Fluid Power and Electric Motion Control Nominees

Feb. 8, 2024
Several fluid power and electric motion control technologies are nominated for 2024 Intermat Innovation Awards.

During each edition of INTERMAT — a triennial event focused on the construction industry — show organizers look to honor the latest technological developments for the construction sector. The INTERMAT Innovation Awards recognize advancements in equipment, techniques, services and products which contribute to the progress of the construction and materials industry. 

Nominees for the 2024 Innovation Awards were recently announced and include several companies in or related to the fluid power and electric motion control sectors.

All exhibitors for the 2024 edition of the show are eligible to enter for a chance to take part in the awards program. A jury of experts review the entries to select the nominees and winners who will be announced on the first day of INTERMAT which is April 24. 

The nominees are divided into five categories:

  • Modern Technologies
  • Earthmoving, Demolition and Transport
  • Roads, Materials Industries & Foundations
  • Decarbonization/Energy Transition
  • Building, Civil Engineering and Concrete Sector.  

Four special awards will also be given out: World of Concrete Award, Low Carbon Initiative and Solution Award, Start-Up Award and Safety Award. 

The jury will meet a final time in March to select winners in each of the five categories as well as the four special awards. 

Following is a list of the nominees for the 2024 award from the fluid power and electric motion control sectors. The full list of nominees can be found on the INTERMAT show website

Chrono Flex On-Site Hydraulic Oil Filtration Service

Chrono Flex is known for its hydraulic hose replacement services which help customers minimize their downtime by providing experienced replacement on site. 

Over the course of its history, the company has realized there are three major elements leading to the need for hydraulic hose replacement: 

  • oil pollution can be contributed to 70% of hydraulic failures,
  • difficulty finding maintenance resources which can alleviate hydraulic system issues, including hydraulic oil drains, and 
  • customers looking to implement a CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach which requires a change in habits and mentalities. 

To help mitigate these issues and extend the life of hydraulic hoses, Chrono Flex is now offering an on-site hydraulic oil filtration service as well. With this service, the company is hoping to provide the expertise needed to conduct oil filtration so hydraulic systems can last longer — minimizing downtime as well as waste.  

Chrono Flex's hydraulic oil filtration service is nominated under the Modern Technologies category.

DMS Technologie Sorting Grab

DMS Technologie GmbH has developed the sorting grab with softgrip carrier tool which features a fully enclosed plunger cylinder for digging and grabbing. The attachment is well suited for use on excavators and loading cranes. 

A unique aspect of the sorting grab is its double-acting hydraulic cylinder which was developed specifically for the attachment and has received a patent. 

The attachment also features a compact design which reduces its overall weight, enabling machines using the sorting grab to carry more payload. Aiding its compact design is its sophisticated system architecture with fully encapsulated piston and internal oil routing. This keeps the piston protected from potential damage and eliminates use of hydraulic hoses in the working area, helping to reduce potential downtime and repair costs.

A softgrip carrier tool accessory can be used on the sorting grip to enable use with sensitive materials, extending the applications with which the attachment can be used. 

The sorting grip is nominated under the Earthmoving, Demolition and Transport category.

Watch DMS Technologie's video below to see how the sorting grab works, including its double-acting hydraulic cylinder.

Excess Engineering Electric Actuator

Excess Engineering AS has developed an electric actuator technology designed to replace heavy-duty hydraulic systems. According to the company, the actuator can provide all-electric operation for pushing, pulling and lifting with an estimated energy effieincy of 87%.

The electric actuator provides high power (over 80 tons) and a long stroke capability up to 3 m, helping it meet the needs of many heavy-duty equipment applications. 

Benefits offered by the company's electric actuator include its compact form factor which is comparable to existing hydraulic systems and thus eliminates the need for significant design modifcations by the machine designer. 

The Excess Engineering electric actuator is nominated under the Modern Technologies category.

Read more about the growing use of electric actuators in mobile equipment and other applications in "A Bright Future Ahead for Electric Actuators." 

Dynaset HRVB Hydraulic Recycling Vacuum Bucket

Dynaset Oy's HRVB Hydraulic Recycling Vacuum Bucket can be attached to mobile machinery for use as a vacuum suction and air blower by transforming hydraulic power from the machine. It is an all-in-one unit which can be used for gathering, recycling and sorting of material, scrap or other objects on a work site. 

It is well suited for attachment to excavators and material handlers, machines which are strong users of hydraulics and utilized for a variety of applications. 

The HRVB unit comes with a 7.5 m long such hose for vacuuming material by hand if necessary. 

This product is nominated under the Earthmoving, Demolition and Transport category. 

Watch Dynaset's video below to see the HRVB Hydraulic Recycling Vaccum Bucket in action.

Moog ZQuip and TerraTech Systems

Two systems for the electrification of construction equipment from Moog Construction are nominated under the Decarbonization/Energy Transition category — ZQuip and TerraTech. 

ZQuip is a plug-and-play modular platform which allows machine owners to convert their diesel-powered machines to electric. It includes battery modules and a conversion kit to turn construction equipment into zero-emissions machines. The system can easily be installed onto existing machines and drive the systems already onboard, including the hydraulics. 

TerraTech is an ecosystem of integrated products which allows OEMs to more easily develop electric-powered machines. It includes the hardware and software necessary to do so, including electric drive components such as electric actuators, motors and controllers. As all components are designed to work with one another, development time can be reduced. 

View our media gallery to learn more about the ZQuip and TerraTech electrification systems

Novum Tech Electrification System

Novum Tech develops a range of electrification systems which can be tailored to meet various application needs. It systems are available from 48-800V, offering power ranges from 5-350 kW. 

The electrification systems can be used in mobile equipment of all sizes, from mini-excavators and road vehicles to large trucks and agricultural machinery. 

Each system includes the necessary components to enable electric-powered operation assembled together into an integrated unit to provide OEMs with a plug-and-play solution. Included as part of the system are batteries and a battery management system developed in-house by Novum Tech.

The electrification systems is nominated under the Decarbonization/Energy Transition category.

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