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This Week in Power & Motion: New Technology Launches at bauma 2022

Oct. 28, 2022
Danfoss, Parker Hannifin and more introduced an array of new products for construction and mining equipment during bauma 2022.

There is much going on in the world of fluid power and motion control, from technology introductions and industry advancements to new trends and industry leaders. Each week the Power & Motion team collects some of the latest industry news to help keep our readers up to date on what's happening in the industries in which they work.

This week we're doing another trade show focused edition, highlighting new technology and product launches from bauma 2022. Taking place October 24-30, bauma is considered to be one of the world's largest events focused on the construction and mining industries. 

The 2022 show encompassed over 614,000 sq. m spanning both indoor and outdoor space. As of an October 10 press release from bauma organizer Messe München, more than 3,100 exhibitors from about 60 countries would be on site. 

As the heavy-duty mobile equipment industry is one of the largest markets served by the fluid power industry, the show offers a look at the trends taking place in this important segment. It also provides the opportunity for fluid power as well as electronics and other related industries to showcase their latest advancements for use in construction and mining equipment. 

Following are just some of the many technologies launched at bauma 2022. 

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bauma 2022: New Construction and Mining Technology Launches

bauma 2022 to Highlight Key Technology Trends for Construction and Mining Equipment

ZAPI GROUP Launches New Battery Charger Platform

Two brands of the ZAPI GROUP, Zivan and Delta-Q Technologies, have collaborated on a new charging platform, the CT3.3. The 3.3 kW onboard charger can be used in a range of electric-powered vehicles and equipment. 

The new charger platform includes recently introduced onboard chargers introduced by the brands, Zivan's new CT3.3 Compact Titan and Delta-Q's XV3300 both of which can be tailored to OEM specifications. They are also durably designed for use in construction and other heavy-duty applications. 

Features of the Zivan CT3.3 include water cooling, increased power density and an optional integrated DC-DC converter. It can be installed with the company's SG3 charger to increase charging power as needed. 

"We are excited to bring together key charger hardware and software design capabilities from our engineering teams in Delta-Q and Zivan," said Simone Paterlini, General Manager with Zivan, in ZAPI GROUP's press release announcing the new charging platform. "This collaboration demonstrates ZAPI GROUP’s commitment to innovation, electrification and driving results for customers."

New Danfoss Products and Partnerships Focus on Electrification and Efficiency

Danfoss Power Solutions made several announcements during bauma related to new products and industry partnerships. Many of these were related to the company's continued developments in the area of electrification as well as improving the efficiency of its components and the systems into which they are installed. 

On the first day of bauma, the company's Editron division announced a strategic partnership with Webasto. Batteries from Webasto will be used in hybrid and electric drivetrain systems developed by Danfoss' Editron division. The goal is to provide OEM customers with pre-validated systems to help speed up their machine development efforts and time to market for electric-powered equipment. 

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On the electrification side of things, Danfoss also announced its technology is helping power a new fully electric crawler crane from SANY. The new SANY SCE800TB-EV is an 80-ton electric telescopic crawler crane which will provide a zero-emissions option to customers in the construction industry. The new crane features an electric motor and inverter from Danfoss' Editron as well as a Danfoss D1P hydraulic pump.

For hydraulics customers, Danfoss has introduced a new WalformConnect tube-forming machine. It includes various digital features, data tracking and cloud connectivity to help provide simple and safe hydraulic tube forming. By simplifying this process, customers can be more productive and efficient. 

The machine helps to ensure correct forming of hydraulic tubes, and reduces assembly errors through use of a barcode scanner which verifies the correct tooling to use. Various monitoring capabilities allow customers to maximize uptime and access performance as well as production data to optimize operations. 

Built Robotics Brings Autonomous Solution to European Market

Built Robotics, a developer of autonomous technology for the construction industry, is expanding into the European market. As such, it held a live demonstration of its Exosystem automation technology at bauma. 

The Exosystem, comprised of sensors, software and on-board cameras, enables excavators to be turned into fully autonomous robots. All necessary components can be installed within a few hours on various machine from many of the major construction equipment OEMs. Manual control is also still possible after the system is installed. Once the system is installed, remote control of the machine is possible.

At its bauma booth, Built provided a real-time, live feed of a machine operating autonomously in the U.S. and in Australia; visitors could remotely control the machine via a laptop at Built's booth. The company also displayed a full-size version of its Exosystem to provide show attendees a 360-degree view of the hardware involved. 

Husco Presents New Hydraulics Products

Husco showed several new products at bauma which included:  

  • Controller Family – New range of low, medium, and high I/O controllers and accompanying advanced hydraulic control software
  • High-Pressure Solenoids – Completely new family of cartridge combining the best of Husco’s Off-Highway design with Husco Automotive's quality
  • Brand new E-Steer and EH-Steer hardware with working demo

The company also highlighted its "Enabling Your Next Step to Zero" message which relates to technology developments aiding efficiency and other improvements for customers. 

Brigade Electronics Introduces Sensor Fusion System

Brigade Electronics unveiled its new safety solution called Brigade Fusion. The system uses sensor fusion technology—the combining of sensor data—to improve collision avoidance. 

Brigade Fusion combines several of the company's safety technologies including its 360-degree camera, radar obstacle detection and M2M RTLS technology. Doing so enables the system to predict collisions by sending alerts to machine operators. If appropriate action is not taken, the system can signal the machine to slow down or come to a complete stop to prevent safety issues. 

Safety systems such as this, and sensor fusion itself, are important aspects to enabling further autonomy in vehicles as well as improving safety. 

Parker Hannifin Introduces New Bent-Axis Motor Series

At bauma, Parker Hannifin exhibited its newest variable displacement, bent-axis motor series, the V16. An evolution of the company's V12 and V14 motors, the V16 provides new speed performance and pressure ratings to help improve productivity and safety in heavy equipment applications. 

The new motor is available in two sizes and is designed for open- and closed-circuit transmissions. Smooth and precise control is provided by the motor's differential piston control system as well as a 3-way valve and displacement ratio of 5.5:1. Per a Parker press release about the bent-axis motor, its patented spherical piston design with laminated piston rings provides a high shaft speed capability that is up to 30% higher than competitors.

Parker's new V16 is available in ISO and SAE version with flexible portion options. 

New On-Board Battery Chargers from MTA

MTA, a developer of various electrical and electronics products, introduced new on-board battery chargers through its EDN brand. The new chargers include the BHP19 model for customers in the U.S. and the BHP22 for those in Europe. Both chargers are designed for electric and plug-in hybrid off-highway equipment. 

The BHP19 features a power class of 19.2 kW and the BHP22 22 kW. Both models are compact and lightweight for easy installation and minimal additional weight on the machine. Features include single- or three-phase AC power and conversion technology to improve power density. 

Bidirectionality capabilities in the chargers enables the vehicle to provide standby power for other objects, charge another electric vehicle and plug into a smart grid for grid stability. 

The two chargers are durably designed for use in a range of heavy-duty applications and are validated to international standards. 

Hyundai Introduces Latest Hydrogen and Battery Tech

The Hyundai Construction Equipment and Hyundai Doosan Infracore brands of Hyundai introduced their advancements in hydrogen and battery technology. This included machines powered by both technologies as well as power systems which will be available for use by other OEMs as well as the Hyundai brands. 

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Hyundai Construction Equipment showed its 14-ton hydrogen excavator first developed in 2020 as well as a hydrogen fuel cell pack and a 1.8-ton mini electric excavator. 

Hyundai Doosan Infracore showed its 1.7-ton mini electric excavator and hybrid engine excavator which are both expected for release in 2023. Its engine division exhibited its battery packs for the first time. Like many engine manufacturers, the company sees the value in expanding its power system offerings to include options for electrification. 

STW Presents New Control Solutions

STW showed its newest ESX.4 controller family during bauma. These flexible and high-performance control units are optimized for use in heavy-duty applications and each version shares a common processor platform for easy integration by OEM customers. 

It includes CAN interfaces as well as Ethernet switches. Control units such as this will be beneficial for equipment manufacturers who are integrating more electronics and automation. 

The company also showcased its latest pressure, temperature, inclination and strain sensors. All of the sensors are designed for use in harsh operating environments. They are supported by STW's openSYDE software engineering platform for easy integration and programming by OEM design teams.

STW noted in its press release announcing the sensors' launch at bauma that its T01 temperature sensor is well suited for mobile hydraulic applications due to its good media compatibility and response times. 

About the Author

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Sara Jensen is technical editor of Power & Motion, directing expanded coverage into the modern fluid power space, as well as mechatronic and smart technologies. She has over 15 years of publishing experience. Prior to Power & Motion she spent 11 years with a trade publication for engineers of heavy-duty equipment, the last 3 of which were as the editor and brand lead. Over the course of her time in the B2B industry, Sara has gained an extensive knowledge of various heavy-duty equipment industries — including construction, agriculture, mining and on-road trucks —along with the systems and market trends which impact them such as fluid power and electronic motion control technologies. 

You can follow Sara and Power & Motion via the following social media handles:

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