The eBTM 2.0 provides thermal management to ensure optimal operation in hot and cold temperature environments.

Danfoss Partners with Webasto on Heavy Equipment Electrification

Oct. 25, 2022
The companies announced at bauma 2022 they will combine their technological expertise to electrify off-highway equipment.

Danfoss Power Solutions' Editron division has formed a strategic partnership with Webasto Group. The companies will combine their technologies and expertise to bring electrification solutions to the off-highway equipment market. 

Hybrid and electric drivetrain systems developed by Editron will be equipped with Webasto battery systems. This will enable the companies to provide OEM customers with pre-validated solutions as their technologies have already been developed and utilized in various applications.

Editron and Webasto's combined years of expertise in electrification system development will also help to ensure system reliability. By working together on joint consultations and commissioning, the companies will be better able to guarantee performance for a given application and prevent issues such as those related to electromagnetic compatibility. 

The companies announced the partnership at bauma 2022, one of the largest trade shows for the construction and mining industries. 

Combined Expertise Benefits Industry

Bringing together Editron and Webasto's product portfolios and industry knowledge will not only help to create reliable systems but also accelerate heavy machinery electrification. They already have solutions available for many application types and their expertise in electric powered systems will enable faster development for specific machines compared to developing technologies from scratch. 

Editron and Webasto have collaborated on other projects which will further benefit their offerings to OEM customers as they already know their technologies and teams can work well together. One such project was development of Danfoss' fully electric wheel loader which the company is exhibiting at bauma. 

The proof-of-concept wheel loader features an electric drive system comprised entirely of Editron hardware along with some components not available from Danfoss which were supplied by other industry partners such as the batteries.

Watch our video interview with Kimmo Rauma, vice president of Danfoss' Editron division, to learn more about the project

"I can’t think of a better partner than Webasto to join us on our journey towards electrifying the off-highway industry," said Kimmo Rauma, vice president of Danfoss’ Editron division, in the company's press release announcing the partnership. "Our two companies are an excellent technical and cultural fit, built on strong values with a customer-first mindset. Our portfolios are a perfect match, as seen in our previous joint projects, such as our fully electric wheel loader. In addition, Danfoss and Webasto focus on delivering excellent guidance and customer service, so our OEM customers can expect to receive an enhanced system solution meeting their commercial and climate goals. We look forward to partnering with Webasto on many projects to electrify the off-highway industry further and make the world cleaner and safer for all." 

"We’re delighted to officially announce our partnership with Danfoss. The company’s Editron division is a well-known industry name and a reliable partner, with products that make for a great fit with our battery and thermal management systems," said Heike Niehues, executive vice president at Webasto, in the Danfoss press release. "We’ve already demonstrated how well our solutions work together and are excited to partner with an experienced organization that shares the same commitment to the robustness, reliability, and quality of products for the electrification of the off-highway sector. This will be a fruitful long-term partnership between our two companies that will provide our customers with products that optimally complement each other and allow them a faster go-to-market for their electrified vehicles."

Webasto Battery Technology

Webasto may be better known for its heating and cooling systems, but has worked in the electromobility space since 2016. Batteries, charging systems and electric heating systems are among the technologies it develops which will be paired with Danfoss products. 

Its standard battery system has been developed for commercial vehicle applications in the on- and off-road industries. The battery is robustly designed to ensure durability in the harsh operating conditions construction equipment and other heavy machinery and vehicles operate in. 

Each of Webasto's battery packs features a power capacity of 35 kWh, and up to 18 packs can be interconnected to meet various power needs. The batteries can be used in both 400 and 800V systems; this is important as higher voltage ranges are becoming more common in heavier duty applications. 

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To aid battery performance, Webasto has also developed a Vehicle Interface Box (VIB) which combines the functions of a power distributor, master battery management system and fuses into a single, durable housing. The VIB is designed to ensure an efficient interface between the battery system and the vehicle it is powering. 

Thermal management of the batteries is provided by the company's eBTM 2.0. It features a heating capacity of 10 kW and cooling capacity of 8 kW to ensure operation in various temperatures. 

Webasto is exhibiting these and many other products for use in construction and mining equipment at bauma 2022. Danfoss and its Editron division are also showcasing their electrification solutions as well as hydraulic and other applicable technologies for these heavy equipment markets.  

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