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  • March/April 2024
  • March/April 2024

    163128409 © Audioundwerbung | Dreamstime.com
    a depiction of connected autonomous vehicles on roadway
    Sensors & Software

    How Connected and Software-Defined Vehicles are Reshaping System Architectures

    Feb. 27, 2024
    As vehicles become increasingly connected and software driven, there are opportunities to create more streamlined system architectures.
    Baumer Ltd.
    Sensors & Software

    Creating Smarter Sensors and Machines Through Digitalization

    Feb. 14, 2024
    The digitization of sensors is increasing the amount of data which can be collected, enabling greater levels of insight into system and machine performance.
    297946586 © Andriy Dovzhykov | Dreamstime.com
    hydraulic hoses with pressure sensor
    Sensors & Software

    Sensors in Fluid Power Bring a Range of Design Opportunities

    Feb. 12, 2024
    Benefits ranging from improved precision and control to enhanced machine monitoring are possible when integrating sensors into fluid power systems.
    288499914 © Phitoon Promkunpitak | Dreamstime.com
    securing digital technologies
    Emerging Technologies

    TTTech Industrial Achieves Certification for IIoT Cybersecurity

    Jan. 23, 2024
    The IEC 62443-4-1 certification ensures the security of TTTech Industrial's IIoT related technologies.
    Tan Delta Systems
    oil condition monitoring sensor
    Sensors & Software

    Sensors Improve Monitoring of Hydraulic Oil Conditions

    Jan. 22, 2024
    Integration of oil condition monitoring sensors into hydraulic systems can provide OEMs and their customers with better insights into machine performance.

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    93477560 © Ryzhov Sergey | Dreamstime.com
    linear position sensors and display
    Sensors & Software

    The Growing Role of Sensors

    Jan. 17, 2024
    Use of sensors continues to increase in fluid power and electric motion control systems to aid with data collection, performance and more.
    219713717 © Surasak Petchang | Dreamstime.com
    Servo motor on automated machine
    Servo Motors

    How Advanced Servo Technology can Take Motion Systems to the Next Level

    Dec. 11, 2023
    As automated operations become increasingly sophisticated, the use of cutting-edge servos is paramount to enabling the creation of advanced, futureproof systems.

    Streamlining Wire Harness Manufacturing with a 5-axis Robot

    Nov. 28, 2023
    The CY1000 robot reduces the manual labor required for production of wire harnesses, helping to address manufacturing and supply chain challenges.
    Moog Inc.
    Test rig for vehicle suspension systems with digital hydraulic motion control components

    Moog Motion Control Technology Aids Creation of High-Performance Test Rig

    Nov. 27, 2023
    Use of digital hydraulic solutions enabled a test system to achieve the high forces and speeds necessary for the development of suspensions for extreme applications.
    256179450 © Tatiana Golmer | Dreamstime.com
    Digital Solutions Benefit EV and Battery Manufacturing

    Full Charge Ahead: Trends Driving EV & Battery Makers to Embrace the Digital Thread

    Nov. 13, 2023
    The digital thread connects processes, systems and equipment which can help electric vehicle and battery manufacturers better meet evolving industry needs.
    Rex Bateman, Director of Engineering at SMC Corp.

    Pneumatic Designs Evolving to Meet Industry Trends

    Nov. 9, 2023
    Automation, sustainability and a desire for increased intelligence are driving an evolution in pneumatic system designs.
    105310885 © Ifeelstock | Dreamstime.com
    Manufacturers are developing more compact hydraulic systems to help improve efficiency and better fit into space constrained machine envelopes.

    A Shift Toward Compact Hydraulic Systems

    Oct. 9, 2023
    Improved efficiency and space claim are among the market factors driving development of hydraulic components and systems which are more compact in size.