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  • Workers in Science and Engineering (WISE)

    144595711 © Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime.com
    woman teaching female students in engineering class

    Shining a Light on Female Voices in Engineering

    March 8, 2024
    International Women's Day provides an opportunity to highlight industry expertise from women working in the fluid power and electric motion control space.
    22384685 © Siwaphoom Srichomphoom | Dreamstime.com
    a closeup of the copper wiring in an electric motor

    How Graphene Could Improve the Efficiency of Electric Motors

    Feb. 19, 2024
    Adding graphene to copper wiring offers opportunities to improve electrical conductivity at high temperatures for efficiency gains in electric motors and other applications.
    97175635 © Garn Phakathunya | Dreamstime.com
    pneumatic and electric actuator technologies in automation system for chemical production

    Choosing the Right Linear Actuator to Boost Automation System Performance

    Jan. 15, 2024
    Understanding available electric linear actuator types and their performance characteristics ensures the right option is selected for a given automation system.
    Melissa Childers, Business Development Manager, Motion Systems Group, Pneumatic Division at Parker Hannifin

    Pneumatics Continue to Adapt to Market Needs

    Nov. 16, 2023
    Technological advancements in pneumatic systems are helping meet ever evolving customer and market requirements.
    Bosch Rexroth
    Training stations will provide hands-on learning opportunities at the new Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics Training Center.

    Bosch Rexroth Opens Hydraulics Training Center

    Oct. 10, 2023
    The training center will provide classroom and hands-on learning opportunities to help train current and future hydraulics engineers.

    More content from Workers in Science and Engineering (WISE)

    194092047 © Narint Asawaphisith | Dreamstime.com
    Manufacturing Day offers an opportunity to spotlight the manufacturing sector and host activities to attract more people to enter the industry.

    How will you be Celebrating Manufacturing Day 2023?

    Oct. 4, 2023
    Manufacturing Day provides an opportunity to spotlight the industry and demonstrate the careers possible in this vital sector.
    Hong Liang Headshot
    Hydraulic Fluids

    Q&A: An Exciting Time for Tribology and Lubrication

    July 19, 2023
    The technological challenges brought about by industry trends such as sustainability and digitalization are making it an exciting time to work in the fields of tribology and lubrication...
    S. Jensen
    Electrical engineering students at MSOE showcase their tractor which was converted to electric power.

    Schools Working to Prepare the Engineers of the Future

    June 7, 2023
    More hands-on experiences and expanded curriculums are helping to provide future engineers with the skills required for successful careers in fluid power and mechatronics.
    National Fluid Power Association
    Eleven teams took part in the final competition at Danfoss Power Solutions' facility in Ames, IA.

    NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge Provides Real-World Engineering Experience

    June 1, 2023
    The vehicle challenge tasks students with designing and building a vehicle incorporating fluid power technologies, offering the opportunity for a hands-on, real-world engineering...
    Mack Trucks
    The Mack LR Electric refuse model was recently sold to a school in California to help train future truck technicians.

    This Week in Power & Motion: Mack LR Electric Refuse Model to Help Train Future Truck Technicians

    May 19, 2023
    A California school has purchased a Mack LR Electric refuse truck to help train students how to safely work with electric vehicles, Danfoss will power all North American facilities...
    Emerson’s PACMotion controller, servo drives and servo motors are designed to work together, combining an integrated motion and machine logic solution with the performance, flexibility and scalability required for advanced machine automation.

    Optimizing Linear Motion Solutions Using Hybrid Automation Systems

    April 3, 2023
    Achieve greater efficiency, flexibility and more for complex equipment and processes by combining electric and pneumatic actuators.
    Are Sustainability Engineering Roles in Demand? thumbnail

    Are Sustainability Engineering Roles in Demand?

    March 10, 2023
    Iana Aranda, director of Engineering Global Development at ASME, discusses in-demand skills.
    Dreamstime/Varina and Jay Patel
    Creating a more diverse workforce can help to overcome the current labor shortages many industries are facing.

    How Do We Attract More Women to Fluid Power and STEM?

    March 8, 2023
    Creating a more diverse workforce by attracting women and other underrepresented groups can benefit industries and help to overcome current labor shortages.
    Comfortable in Discomfort: ASME Leader Bolsters Global Sustainability Efforts thumbnail

    Comfortable in Discomfort: ASME Leader Bolsters Global Sustainability Efforts

    March 8, 2023
    In her role as a sustainability engineer, Iana Aranda has the responsibility of preparing the engineering workforce for good, social entrepreneurship and cross-sector partnerships...

    IFPE 2023 to Shine Light on the Future of Motion Control

    Jan. 9, 2023
    Marcia Klein of Casappa Corp. and chairperson for IFPE 2023 discusses highlights attendees can look forward to at the year's largest fluid power and motion control event.
    Monkey Business Images/Dreamstime
    Students building a machine in an engineering class.

    Transform Manufacturing Education to Boost Productivity

    Dec. 13, 2022
    An ASME survey reveals ways to address labor gaps. Hint: Nurture emerging technology skill sets.
    What's This Retired NASA Engineer Doing Now? thumbnail

    What is This Retired NASA Engineer Doing Now?

    Sept. 29, 2022
    Wanda Harding is on a mission to help the next generation of STEM leaders navigate their place in the world.
    Mission to Mars thumbnail

    Mission to Mars: The Role of the Senior Mission Manager is to Make Tough Calls

    Sept. 29, 2022
    Wanda Harding discusses her career progression, as well as the risks and rewards of being an engineer at NASA.
    The Birth and Launch of the Mars Curiosity Mission thumbnail

    A NASA Engineer-Turned-Teacher Celebrates Sending the Curiosity Rover to Mars

    Sept. 29, 2022
    Wanda Harding reflects on the role she played in sending off the Curiosity Rover to Mars more than 10 years ago.
    Workforce Dreamstime Leowolfert 119445883

    How do We Shape the Future Workforce?

    July 19, 2022
    With the engineering and manufacturing industries struggling to fill their workforces, what methods should we be employing to attract more people to these industries?
    Florbela Costa

    Q&A: How Florbela Costa Helps Drive Unmanned Space Flight

    June 29, 2022
    Florbela Costa, a SpaceLab project manager at maxon, tells us what’s behind the design of the six DCX micromotors on the NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter.
    Agricultural equipment

    Mobile Hydraulics Market Rebound in 2021 Leads to Positive Future

    June 29, 2022
    Continued growth in the material handling and construction equipment sectors are benefitting the mobile hydraulics market.
    Aidro Hydraulics & 3D Printing (a Desktop Metal company)
    Additive manufacturing enables the creation of new and optimized component designs.
    3D Printing

    Additive Manufacturing Brings Opportunities to Improve Component Design and Production

    June 14, 2022
    New design options and reductions to production time and costs are possible with additive manufacturing.
    3M/3M 2022 U.S. State of Science Index
    Jayshree Seth/infographic from State of Science Index 2022 report

    Q&A: 3M’s Pulse of Public Trust in Science

    May 26, 2022
    3M’s chief science advocate, Jayshree Seth, shares highlights on the 2022 State of Science Index and discusses why misinformation affects sentiments.
    Aidro Hydraulics & 3D Printing (a Desktop Metal company)
    A comparison of the design changes possible with 3D printing. The valve in the foreground is 3D printed while the one in the background is manufactured using traditional methods.

    Lightweight Hydraulics Offer New Opportunities to Manufacturers

    May 16, 2022
    Reducing the weight of hydraulic components can benefit an array of industries and bring about new design options.
    Tana Utley
    Tana Utley

    Lead Problem-Solver: Tana Utley Signs Off on Big Projects

    April 27, 2022
    A lead engine person reflects on 35 years of working for an equipment manufacturer and the competencies gained along the way.