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Finding a job in a specialized field

March 20, 2007
When we're faced with a time-consuming task, we often hire a professional, even though we could get it done ourselves. This is especially true of looking for a new job while you still have your old one.

When we're faced with a timeconsuming task, we often hire a professional, even though we could get it done ourselves. This is especially true of looking for a new job while you still have your old one. A viable solution — especially in a specialized field like fluid power — may lie with a professional recruiter.

Employers use recruiters to save time by weeding out unqualified applicants. Individuals seeking employment can also benefit because recruiters with expertise in specific industries often have an ongoing working relationship with employers.

When looking for employment, you can:
refer to websites specializing in job and career placement,
check the multiple resources and personal assistance at a local library,
seek the services of a professional recruiter, or
any combination of these.

Services of a professional recruiter can offer the following benefits:
Time — By developing a positive relationship with a recruiter you can help him understand what types of opportunities you would be interested in hearing about, what locations may be of interest, what types of companies, and like issues so he can promptly contact you when they hear of something that fits your parameters.
Hidden opportunities — Not all opportunities are advertised or placed on a company's website because doing so often invites dozens of resumes that employers must sort and prioritize. Recruiters who focus on a particular industry often are aware of the hidden job market within that industry — even if the employer is not actively seeking to fill a particular position.
Relationship with a company — One reason why employers work with a knowledgeable recruiter is because they realize that that recruiter will be referring only those individuals who fit requirements of the open position.
Information not seen on a resume — Some candidates may be marginal in terms of experience but many managers could be interested due to personality, drive, or other attributes. This cannot be gleaned from a resume.
Interview strategies — A professional recruiter can provide insights as to the company, the manager, the markets they serve and similar issues in preparation for an interview. He or she can provide examples of questions to ask, format, interview strategies, as well as what is important to the hiring manager.
The interview process — The process of finding and interviewing for a job, going through the negotiations with the company, and dealing with a relocation can be a daunting task because a professional recruiter has helped with these issues with many other clients.

Submitted by Dan Schauer, CPC, president, Professional Staffing Consultants, Milwaukee. Visit his website at www.hydraulicrecruiter.com.

Professional recruiters with specialty in fluid power*

Bosco-Hubert Associates, St. Mary's, Kansas; (785) 437-3737; www.bosco-hubert.com
Excel Associates, Cordova, Tenn.; (901) 757-9600; www.excelassociates.com
GRS Fluid Power/Global Recruiting Source, Solon, Ohio; (440) 684-6150; www.grsrecruiting.com
Jerry Goldberg & Associates, York, Pa.; (717) 843-0041; www.goldbergassociates.com
Marvel Consultants, Cleveland; (216) 292-2855; www.marvelconsultants.com
Professional Staffing Consultants, Mukwonago, Wis.; (262) 363-4985; www.hydraulicrecruiter.com
Quality Search, Dayton, Ohio; (800) 536-6980; www.qualitysearch.com
Universal Search Associates LLC, Englishtown, N.J.; (732) 792 0411; usa-4u.com

*Taken from database of advertisers in classified advertising section of H&P.

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