Integrated Control Benefits Electric Actuators

Feb. 27, 2023
Ewellix’s SmartX digital platform integrates control technology into electric actuators, offering simplified installation and performance benefits.

Use of electric actuators is on the rise in a variety of applications. This has brought increased complexity to machine systems as there is a need for additional components such as a controller to drive the actuator. 

Ewellix saw a need in the market for an integrated actuator package and introduced its SmartX digital platform. SmartX integrates CANbus control and absolute position control directly into the actuator, eliminating the need for a separate controller. This helps to simplify installation for OEM customers as they only have a single device to install and integrate into their machine. 

The digital platform offers other benefits as well including improved functionality. Power & Motion spoke with Kirk Martin, sector sales director mobile machinery at Ewellix, to learn more about the SmartX platform. 

READ our full interview with Kirk Martin for more on the SmartX platform

The SmartX platform will be among the products Ewellix exhibits at IFPE 2023. Visit our IFPE channel for more on this and other content related to the year's largest event for fluid power, motion control and power transmission technologies. 

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