DEEP Robotics X30 Quadruped Robot Benefits Range of Industries

Nov. 6, 2023
Fusion perception technology and the ability to traverse various terrain enables use of the X30 quadruped robot in a range of environments and applications.

DEEP Robotics Company, a developer of quadrupedal robots, has launched the X30 quadruped robot which is designed to meet various application and industry needs such as inspection of power stations, factories, pipeline corridors, emergency rescue, fire detection, scientific research and more

Development and use of small, mobile robots such as the X30 have gained ground in recent years to help complete an array of tasks in various industries, particularly has the ability to find skilled labor has become more challenging. 

Mobile robots can be used for a range of tasks from simple transport of goods to more labor-intensive jobs such as harvesting delicate crops. In addition to doing work for which it may be diffult to find labor, these robots can be utilized in applications where it might be unsafe to use human labor. 

This is one of the benefits provided by the X30 specifically. Its operating temperature range has been extended to between -20 and 55° C (-4 to 131° F) compared to earlier quadruped robot designs from DEEP Robotics which allows its use in a greater range of environmental and climatic conditions.  

Inclusion of real-time monitoring and an emergency response system on the robot help to improve safety as well as intelligent, efficient operation. 

A range of components help to ensure optimized movement of the robot over a variety of terrain. Swappable batteries power the robot and allow for quick exchange of batteries to minimize downtime while DEEP Robotics' vision perception ensures safe maneuvering through a range of environmental conditions. 

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“As a flagship model for the industry, X30’s operating temperature range has greatly increased,” said DongXin Zheng, Product Manager at DEEP Robotics, in the company's press release announcing the launch of the X30. “It has been successfully tested in real-world scenarios in temperatures from -20 to 55° C. It has also been vigorously tested at the IP67 protection level, indicating a very high level of tolerance of water or dust ingression.”

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