Danfoss Power Solutions
Hydraulic Valves

Danfoss Proportional Valve Provides Improved Precision for Articulated Crane

The Danfoss PVG 48 valve provides smooth and precise control of the boom on Franna's MAC25 mobile articulated crane.
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hydraulic cylinders

Fluid Power Shipments Decreased in April 2024

Data from the National Fluid Power Association shows hydraulic and pneumatic shipments are on a downward trend.

INTERMAT 2024 Demonstrates Construction Industry Focus on Sustainability

Several OEMs and component suppliers showcased electrification solutions and other technologies aimed at reducing the environmental impact of construction equipment.
S. Jensen

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Solutions Introduced at Work Truck Week 2024

Fluid power systems are integral to the functionality of various work trucks, and several new technologies were introduced during Work Truck Week.
Moog Construction
Working Excavator Converted to ZQuip
Emerging Technologies

Moog Electrification Systems Nominated for Innovation Award

The ZQuip and TerraTech systems which enable creation of electric-powered construction equipment are nominated for 2024 INTERMAT Innovation Awards.
FluidLoop Technologies LLC
Hydraulic Filters

FluidLoop Kidney Loop Filtration System Benefits Smaller Hydraulic Systems

The FL-1000 kidney loop filtration system helps to circulate oil flow within smaller gearbox and hydraulic systems.
Moog Inc.

75 Years of Hydraulic System Designs

Greater integration of electronics and communication protocols have lead to various technology advancements in the hydraulics industry.
Pneumatic cables on flour packaging equipment

75 Years of Innovation in Pneumatics

Over the past 75 years, pneumatic components and systems have continued to evolve to bring new capabilities and performance features to the market.
DEEP Robotics Company
DEEP Robotics X30 quadruped robot

DEEP Robotics X30 Quadruped Robot Benefits Range of Industries

Fusion perception technology and the ability to traverse various terrain enables use of the X30 quadruped robot in a range of environments and applications.
HAWE Hydraulik
Rovo S3 Mower

HAWE Introduces Third Generation All-Terrain Robot

The third generation of HAWE's ROVO features an all-electric powertrain and mini-hydraulic drives for attachments.
National Fluid Power Association
Hydraulic and pneumatic shipments rose in August 2023.

Fluid Power Shipments Rise in August 2023

NFPA data shows shipments of hydraulics and pneumatics increased compared to the previous month.
S. Jensen
Motion control components play a key role in optimizing the performance of robots.

Motion Control Components Benefit Robot Performance

Advancements in motion control technologies are bringing improved performance and capabilities to robots of all types.