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Iris Dynamics manufactures intelligent linear motors (linear coil motors / linear actuators). Our motors are all fully integrated and have inherent force control & sensing without the need for external load cells or position sensors. These motors are fully back drivable and are ideal for applications where targeted forces are needed. Our technology is based on our integrated four phase motor drivers which allow higher efficiencies and better force control vs other solutions. Our motors are IP68 making them suitable for use in harsher environments. They contain an integrated kinematics controllers which enables multiple programmable motions to be triggered without the need of an external controller. They can be configured via USB or can be operated over more traditional methods.

Articles & News

Iris Dynamics LTD
Increasing the number of phases in linear electric motors, like the pictured Orca from Iris Dynamics, can help to improve their efficiency.

Improve Electric Motor Efficiency with Increased Phase Counts

March 28, 2023
An analysis of electric motor efficiency and how it can be improved by increasing phase counts.
Iris Dynamics LTD
Render of the internal structure of Iris Dynamics' Orca Series Motor which utilize magnetic force feedback.
Linear Actuation

The How and Why of Magnetic Force Feedback

March 15, 2023
Use of magnetic force feedback in linear motors enables higher levels of accuracy and speed.