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Based in Bristol, UK, Q5D manufactures 5-axis CNC additive manufacturing and robotic handling cells. These additive manufacturing machines automate the installation of electrical wiring into products, eliminating the need for wiring harnesses. The processes they deploy reduce cost, weight, and complexity in automotive, aerospace, and consumer products. They boost manufacturing productivity, improve product reliability, and simplify supply chains.

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Streamlining Wire Harness Manufacturing with a 5-axis Robot

Nov. 28, 2023
The CY1000 robot reduces the manual labor required for production of wire harnesses, helping to address manufacturing and supply chain challenges.

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Q5D Looks to Expand Capabilities and Applications for Additive Manufacturing Robot

Nov. 9, 2023
The company plans to develop more focused solutions which enable the CY1000 CNC additive manufacturing robot to address specific customer requirements.

Q5D Robot Benefits Automakers by Automating Wire Harness Production

Nov. 7, 2023
The CY1000 robot addresses manufacturing challenges with wire harnesses by introducing functional additive manufacturing capabilities.