Q5D Looks to Expand Capabilities and Applications for Additive Manufacturing Robot

Nov. 9, 2023
The company plans to develop more focused solutions which enable the CY1000 CNC additive manufacturing robot to address specific customer requirements.

Q5D, a UK-based manufacturer of wire harness automation equipment for additive manufacturing, introduced its first product, the CY1000 in 2023 and is already looking ahead to future development and application possibilities.

The next step on Q5D’s agenda is to incorporate printed electronics on a larger scale using conductive ink end effectors. It also plans to use customer feedback to design models that address specific needs and preferences and to offer conveyor access for seamless integration into automated manufacturing processes.

“It’s interesting just to talk about these things conceptually, but it only really gels when you actually start to talk about exactly what it might be for,” said Steve Bennington, CEO of Q5D.

Power & Motion spoke with Bennington about what lies ahead for the company. Spoiler alert: Q5D is committed to advancing its technological offerings and plans to ship the next generation of more focused and customer-centric machines by mid-2024.

In this second of a two-part series, Bennington offers a few case studies as examples for how the CY1000 robot has been and can be used to achieve higher accuracy and reduce product failures.

Watch the first part in this interview series: Q5D Robot Benefits Automakers by Automating Wire Harness Production

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