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2023 IDEA Awards: Motion Control Nominees

July 17, 2023

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Emerson ASCO Series 209 Proportional Flow Control Valve

The ASCO Series 209 proportional flow control valves from Emerson are compact and offer superior precision, flow and power consumption. The combination of size and performance in Series 209 valves allows users to precisely start and stop the flow of fluid in devices that require exacting performance. Series 209 valves are suitable for applications such as medical devices, hydrogen fuel pumps, food equipment and HVAC.

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Thomson Electrak XD Electric Linear Actuators

The Thomson Electrak XD marks a major evolutionary leap for electric linear actuators, giving motion system designers a more cost-effective option to replace hydraulic cylinders. The XD is strong enough to take on new hydraulic applications while, simultaneously, being smarter, smaller and more efficient than competitive technologies. Among the many performance features of this actuator are load handling up to 25,000 N, depending on configuration, for a combined power output of more than 450 W.

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EXAIR 1/2 NPT HollowStream Liquid Atomizing Nozzle

EXAIR’s 1/2 NPT HollowStream liquid atomizing spray nozzle provides a hollow cone spray pattern for pressurized liquids. They are applied to solve many problems including cooling, cleaning, rinsing and dust suppression applications for industry. The tangential flow design is vaneless, with wide open internal features to resist clogging and work well with liquids containing particulate.

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Danfoss Thorx CLM 8 S Cam Lobe Motor

Skid steer loaders are increasingly designed to deliver higher power and faster travel speeds, resulting in greater productivity. In line with this trend, cam lobe motors are replacing orbital motors in skid steers because they offer higher pressure ratings and greater efficiency, delivering 30% more force. However, cam lobe motors present several challenges, notably, two-speed shifting and package size. The Danfoss Thorx CLM 8 S cam lobe motor solves these issues, delivering better performance, higher efficiency, and longer lifetime.

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Bishop-Wisecarver DualVee RTU-H

The DualVee Robot Transfer Unit (RTU) from Bishop-Wisecarver offers numerous advantages that enhance the efficiency and performance of robotic systems. For designers, the DualVee RTU simplifies the design process by providing a comprehensive solution for robotic transfer applications. It combines Bishop-Wisecarver's DualVee linear motion technology with specialized components for robotic applications, such as precision guide wheels and integrated drive systems.

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Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Motion Analyzer Software

Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk Motion Analyzer is a comprehensive motion-application design tool used for the analysis, optimization, selection, and validation of motion control systems. This software simplifies the machine design process, enabling users to quickly design and validate new machine concepts without purchasing or installing physical equipment. Machine designers can select from a wide range of Kinetix motors and drives, PowerFlex drives, and motors and gearboxes from Rockwell Automation Technology Partners.

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