The DualVee Robot Transfer Unit provides a complete system solution for robotic transfer applications.

Bishop-Wisecarver DualVee Robot Transfer Unit Utilizes Linear Motion Technology for Smooth Movements

June 27, 2023
The DualVee RTU-H is a fully assembled unit with linear motion technology to enable smooth and precise transfer of robots.

Bishop-Wisecarver's DualVee RTU-H is a high capacity robot transfer unit (RTU) which makes use of the company's linear motion technology for smooth and precise movements. 

Features of the robot transfer unit include: 

  • plug-and-play design
  • robust construction 
  • accurate movements within 0.034 mm (1 m)
  • components with reduced friction and wear characteristics

Full System Solution Eases Installation

The DualVee RTU-H is a 7-axis system which can be used with traditional and collaborative robots. It comes as a fully assembled and ready-to-use robot transfer unit, helping to reduce installation time for customers. 

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Included with the unit is the company's DualVee linear motion technology featuring specialized components for robotic applications such as precision guide wheels and integrated drive systems. The DualVee technology use a self-cleaning action for resistance to environmental factors and debris, aiding longevity of the system. 

Also benefitting the durability of the system is its robust construction. Use of high-quality components and automatic lubrication help to reduce wear and maintenance. 

According to Bishop-Wisecarver, the DualVee linear motion technology ensures smooth and precise motion for the transfer of robots in various applications. This helps customers to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of their operations. 

Included on the robot transfer unit are travel limit sensors which detect travel limit and assist with homing of the robot as it moves along the unit. 

A range of accessories are available as well to customize the system to specific application needs such as:

  • cable carriers and mounting kits
  • travel bumper mounting kits
  • limit sensor kits.
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