Quiz on Chapter 5: Pneumatic and hydraulic systems

Oct. 16, 2006
Answers to Quizzes

1. Fluid power circuits use schematic drawings to:

  1. simplify component function details.
  2. make it so only trained persons can understand the functions.
  3. make the drawing look impressive.

2. A pneumatic symbol is:

  1. different from a hydraulic symbol used for the same function.
  2. the same as a hydraulic symbol used for the same function.
  3. not to be compared to a hydraulic symbol used for the same function.

3. Pneumatic systems usually do not exceed:

  1. 1 hp.
  2. 1 to 2 hp.
  3. 2 to 3 hp.

4. Most hydraulic circuits:

  1. operate from a central hydraulic power unit.
  2. use air-over-oil power units.
  3. have a dedicated power unit.

5. Hydraulic and pneumatic circuits:

  1. perform the same way for all functions.
  2. perform differently for all functions.
  3. perform the same with some exceptions.

6. The lubricator in a pneumatic circuit is the:

  1. first element in line.
  2. second element in line.
  3. last element in line.

7. Series circuits work on both hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.

  1. True
  2. False

8. When comparing first cost of hydraulic systems to pneumatic systems, generally they are:

  1. more expensive to purchase.
  2. less expensive to purchase.
  3. cost about the same.

9. When comparing operating cost of hydraulic systems to pneumatic systems, generally they are.

  1. more expensive to operate.
  2. less expensive to operate.
  3. cost about the same to operate.

10. The most common hydraulic fluid is:

  1. mineral oil.
  2. synthetic fluid.
  3. water.

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