Quiz on Chapter 7: Air and Hydraulic Filters, Air Dryers and Lubricators

Dec. 1, 2006
1. One micrometer (or micron, or m) measures: .000039” .000020” .000010” 2. Common filter locations are: suction line, cylinder line and return line. suction line, pressure line and return line. pressure line, return line and pilot line. 3. A ...
1. One micrometer (or micron, or m) measures:
  1. .000039”
  2. .000020”
  3. .000010”
2. Common filter locations are:
  1. suction line, cylinder line and return line.
  2. suction line, pressure line and return line.
  3. pressure line, return line and pilot line.
3. A bi-directional filter uses:
  1. four check valves to direct flow through the element.
  2. filter elements that can take flow in either direction.
  3. two filters in one housing.
4. An airline lubricator introduces:
  1. a small amount of anti-freeze to the air line.
  2. a small amount of oil to the air line.
  3. a small amount of sealant to the air line.
5. Refrigeration type air dryers remove water from an air line by:
  1. a chemical absorbent action.
  2. a chemical adsorbent action.
  3. reducing the temperature of the air.
6. Off line filtration loops can be used to:
  1. filter the fluid.
  2. cool the fluid.
  3. heat the fluid.
7. Servo valve circuits require a pressure-line filter without a bypass.
  1. True
  2. False
8. ISO cleanliness level numbers:
  1. start with higher numbers and go to lower numbers (16/14/11.)
  2. start with lower numbers and go to higher numbers (11/14/16.)
  3. do not have a particular number pattern.
9. A coalescing filter can remove particles down to:
  1. 0.1m
  2. 0.2m
  3. 0.3m
10. A filter’s Beta ratio rating indicates:
  1. what size and how many particles the filterwill remove.
  2. what size and what type particles the filterwill remove.
  3. the size and shape of the particles the filter will remove.

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