Hydraulic Improvements Achieved in Wheel Loader Electrification Project

Oct. 17, 2022
Danfoss Editron’s conversion of a wheel loader to electric power enabled efficiency gains within the hydraulics system.

Danfoss Power Solutions’ Editron division recently developed a proof-of-concept wheel loader powered by a fully electric drivetrain. The electric drive system is comprised entirely of Editron hardware, including electric motors and inverters.

A goal for the Danfoss team was to improve overall performance of the machine, helping provide a better case for transitioning to electrification. To do so, it was determined rethinking the entire system architecture of the wheel loader was the best approach instead of doing an engine swap.

“We wanted to go the extra mile and show how much you can actually achieve when working with electric systems and what different things you can make happen,” said Kimmo Rauma, vice president of Danfoss' Editron division, an interview with Power & Motion.

With the new system architecture, the propel and hydraulic work functions were separated which allowed for reduced power consumption and efficiency gains. “The wheel loader in total uses half of the energy it did before and [is] more production efficient,” said Rauma. “So, we get more done with half of the energy than before.”

Danfoss plans to show the electric wheel loader proof-of-concept vehicle at bauma 2022, a construction and mining industry trade show taking place October 24-30 in Munich, Germany. 

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